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The time is always right to begin learning the English language and its skills. When it comes to choosing the correct learning resource for better results, you have endless choices and varieties to choose from. But then, the question arises from where do you actually start learning? Is it from youtube videos or various online websites or what? 

Obviously, everyone wants to have the best learning resource and learning tools.

Before you choose any of the learning resources or any learning material, you need to think about your situation and your learning level. If you are a beginner, choose resources that match your learning abilities. Similarly, if you are an intermediate learner, then choose those resources that are one step ahead of the beginner level.

Lastly, if you are an advanced learner, you need to choose the learning material that is much advanced than the intermediate level. If you are a beginner, you don’t want to do the mistake of choosing the learning resource that is of the intermediate or advanced level. You need to ask the question that what is your preference for learning or what is your learning style? Are you the one who likes theory or are you the one who likes to learn through fun games or vocabulary or grammar exercises?

These are the first steps to know the learning method that will help you in choosing the right learning resource. Remember that English resources differ and learning methods differ too. Hence it is important to know your learning method first and then move on to picking up the right learning resource.

The next thing you would want to focus upon is how much time in a day you can dedicate to your learning. Some kinds of resources are time crunching and the following thing you would want to think about is that how would you incorporate your learning into your real life.

It is always better to begin and choose the resources that interest you and excite you. If you do this, only then you will be curious to keep learning more and expand your knowledge. Learning through an online resource and connecting it with your interest level is how you can increase your motivation and dedication towards learning. 

Try to choose a learning resource that is filled with native English and is made by native English speakers. Doing this will help you in building strong vocabulary that will be used in your everyday English situations. The next thing is to try looking at the intensity of your learning resource. You need to figure out how much time you can dedicate per day.

Try to be realistic about your time goals. Along with time management, you need to look at how much does that particular learning resource is costing you. Is it worth that much amount? Just like every other service, the cost can depend on its depth and intensity. It could be free of cost to monthly or even yearly subscriptions. Choose only that resource that has some worth and is highly regarded, respected, and is renowned.

Next comes the most important part, which is figuring out if that resource matches your English learning level. Try to read reviews about the resource you are choosing. Reviews matter and it tells you whether that resource will be worth it or not.

After this, you would want to look at the fun aspect of it. Is the resource entertaining, is it interactive and does it use modern methods of teaching, does it use modern technology or information? Know that entertainment and motivation keep you going. If you enjoy learning it and at the same time you are understanding the concept, things are good!

These are some key points you need to keep in mind and ask yourself before choosing any learning resource.