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How can a person have a good English conversation? Is it through their confidence or is it because of their knowledge of vocabulary? There are various factors that contribute to achieving fluency in the English language and they include a combination of culture, rhythm, understanding, pronunciation, and much more. In order to be the best while having an English conversation, you need to have complete and broad coverage of areas for the approach towards the language. Having the best conversation requires skill and therefore it is an art!

Ask yourself this question that why did you first begin with this journey of learning English and improving your English conversations? 

One of the major reasons is that English is one of the most spoken languages in the world with millions of people having conversations daily. The English language ranks number one in terms o global speakers. Along with this, English is also the global language of businesses, trades, and commerce. Not just this, English has also become the key language of a business. As of now, we are trying to shift towards a more globalized world that would have wider use of various kinds of languages, but for this particular time period, the English language is still at the top of the business.

English speaking and having conversations in the same language will be highly essential if you want to work abroad or you want to pursue your higher education overseas. Conversing in English becomes mandatory if you are looking to shift to an English-speaking country, which is why there might be certain requirements that you need to fulfill. In order to study abroad, you will have to give certain exams and if you pass with flying colors, you might receive approval to pursue your education. That particular exam will give you a basic idea about what kind of English is expected from you. 

English is such a language that makes you meet new people, that lets you know about various cultures and lifestyles, you could speak confidently in the English language at social events and gatherings. Once you start improving and progressing, you can confidently and comfortably have your public speaking like giving out speeches, presentations, and much more.

Speaking in English has its own perks and it is also an important skill. You can travel and find a new job, make new friends and whatnot!

In order to improve your English speaking and be more confident in it, you could take the help of English speaking apps, listen to talk shows, watch interviews, watch English movies, listen to English songs, have your own language partners, go to conversation classes, play English games and word games, visit English clubs or you could also take on certain specialized English courses that will help you to master the art of having an English conversation.