The need for an English dictionary for a beginner

 English is one of the most popular among all the languages used worldwide. English Dictionary is like a holy book for English learners. Facts say that it is the most common language to be used by people all around the world. Almost everyone chooses the English language as a means for communication, whether for personal reasons, professional reasons, nationally or internationally; English is widely used. Since it is the common language, it helps in building relations and networks among people and countries.

Till now, the English language has had a big hand in developing political, social, and diplomatic relations with nations all across the globe. The world is moving forward at a terrific pace and it is more than just being Globalised and Liberalised.

The world has gone through a number of revolutions from industries to technologies and much more; English has played a significant role in all sorts of revolutions. There are many countries in the world speaking many languages. It becomes impossible and difficult to learn all the languages and communication from country to country. Hence, network building between countries, trade, businesses, deals happen in the English language.

As far as an individual is concerned, it becomes impossible for a single person to learn all the languages for best communication. Since English is widely used and helps in building relationships, it gets easier to share thoughts and ideas; people across the globe tend to learn this language along with their mother tongue.

Learning the English language is an add-on in everyone’s life. Parents nowadays tend to send their children to English convent schools for the same reason. There, they are made to speak in the English language, thus by improving them in the way they speak, read, write and hear. In the initial days, students are asked to carry English dictionaries along with them. This is done just in case they don’t understand the meaning of any word, so they can just find the word in the dictionary and understand its meaning. This helps them to understand the concepts of their lessons in an easier way and without any doubts in their mind.

Any English dictionary is available in short and long sizes; it is a book that contains the meaning of every English word. Meanings are arranged in alphabetical order. So you will have every word with its meaning written beside it, beginning from the letter ‘A’ till the letter ‘Z’.

At times, in spite of knowing the English language, we remain unable to find meanings of certain words which are unfamiliar to us and are weird. At such points in time, a dictionary comes in handy and makes our work easier. You can find the letter where the word fits in and you will automatically locate the word. The meaning of the word will be right beside it. While you study or are new to the English language, it proves to be one of the most important tools.

A good English dictionary helps you to understand the subject in a better and easier way. It definitely helps in improving your communication and your grades by making sure that you are using the word correctly. However, there are a few types of dictionaries, so it is important for you to choose the right one to find the right meaning of the right word.

A ‘learner dictionary’ is the dictionary you should use if you are new to the English language, it is only in English and has lots of information about the word you try to find. A learner’s dictionary is easier to use and has clear examples and a simplified Language.

Another type is the bilingual dictionary which has the translated version of the word you are trying to find. This Dictionary will help you find the word in the language you are familiar with.

A third type is a monolingual dictionary and it is written only in the English language. It contains lots of information about every word in English including lots of information about grammar and punctuation. Using this dictionary can sometimes be difficult because it has multiple definitions for every word.

The subject-specific dictionary is another type of dictionary but it is similar to a monolingual one but it does not contain the general meaning of words. There will be definitions that will be specific only for that subject. These dictionaries are very useful when you want to find the meaning of a specific word that is in your specific subject only. It can be tricky, at times.

Now that you know the importance of dictionaries, you can find the meaning of the word you want with total ease and understandability. It also helps you to remember the words and their meaning once you come across them.

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