The need for an English dictionary for a beginner

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The need for an English dictionary for a beginner

 English is one of the most common language that is used worldwide. English Dictionary is considered like a holy book for beginners and for everybody! English language is chosen by almost everyone as a means of communication and is also used in various other aspects! English being the common language, it helps massively to build relations and make networks among people and countries.

Till now, the English language has helped immensely in developing political, social, and diplomatic relations with nations around the world.

As the world has gone through many revolutions, the English language has played a huge role in almost all revolutions, right from industries to technologies and many more! Since many languages are spoken across the globe and English remains a common language, hence, all the trade deals, business deals take place in the English language itself!

It is nearly impossible for an individual to learn all the languages to communicate. As the English language is widely spoken and it helps in building relationships, it makes our work easier to share ideas, thoughts and to communicate in our best way!

Learning the English language has become a necessity in everyone’s life. This is the reason why parents send their kids to English convent schools wherein they are made to speak in the English language so that they can improve themselves in the English language skills.

Dictionary is a short or a long book that consist meaning of every word of the language. English dictionary will have the meaning of every English word and they will be arranged in the alphabetical order.

A good English dictionary will help you in understanding the subject in a better and easier way. Your grades and communication is immensely improved as you use the words correctly.


Learner dictionary is a dictionary that is used if someone is new to the English language and contains a lot of information that may be needed by the learner. A learner’s dictionary is easier to use and has clear examples and a simple Language.

The Bilingual dictionary has the translated version of the word you are trying to find and will help you find the word in the language that you are familiar with.

The Monolingual dictionary is only written in the English language and it consists of a lot of information about every single word in English also including detailed information regarding the grammar and punctuation. It can be difficult to use this dictionary sometimes because it has detailed information.

The Subject-specific dictionary is similar to the monolingual dictionary one but it does not consist general meaning of the words. It will have subject-specific meanings and definitions. These dictionaries are very useful when you want to find the meaning of a specific word that is in your specific subject only.