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Writing in the English language is equally important as it is to speak, listen or read. Writing in English is an incredible skill, so you have to make sure that whatever you write, is error-free and has a good flow. The key ability for the future is to write in English. We give you the top 5 English websites that help you to improve your writing skills.

We already know that English is the most spoken language in the world with millions of people conversing in it daily. Good command of the English language helps you to give a clear idea as well as a clear message. With a good understanding of the language, you improve your way of structuring your thoughts and ideas. With good English comes good opportunities for jobs, travel, and careers.

One of the biggest advantages to be the best in the English language is that you stand out from others and you accept more opportunities coming your way. 

There are a few types of English writing websites that look at different aspects of your writing and content. It is important that you choose the correct resource to improve your skills. Before choosing a website, you need to know what exactly you need to improve your skills. Is it some basic grammar or is it spelling mistakes, or is it English in general?

The few types of English writing websites are that of spelling and grammar checkers, classes and lessons, writing and prompts, writing advice, and lastly, journaling and habit-forming. 

Website 1 – GRAMMARLY

The biggest advantage of using Grammarly is that you can use ut as a website and you can even use it as an app. While typing, when you make a mistake, Grammarly will give you a prompt to correct that mistake. It tells you the mistakes in punctuations, spelling, and much more. It is like having a personal editor by your side.

Grammarly extensions also work with various platforms like Gmail, WordPress, Facebook, and many other such kinds of online writing websites. Grammarly will give you corrections in the form of suggestions instead of auto-corrections. This will give you a chance of reviewing your mistake before correcting them. The main aim of the app is towards native English writings that can take you from an intermediate level to an advanced level of English writing. 

Website 2 – UDEMY

Udemy is considered to be a helpful platform for education. It offers online courses for probably everything. You get a vast array of English writing courses that range in level, difficulty level, and even area of specialty. For an individual who is new to English and wants to focus on a particular English writing sector like business or creative writing, Udemy is the perfect resource. It gives you some basic English writing courses, or you can even choose more specific courses that you want to study. 

Website 3 – COURSERA

Another online learning platform is Coursera that is approximately similar to Udemy. It offers courses on particular topics. Apart from this, you can find some courses that teach you different styles of writing in the English language. One major benefit of learning through Coursera is that the courses come from authorized institutions and universities. They also provide you with financial aid wherein you can complete the course without paying anything. The learners who are looking to achieve a professional writing level can choose Coursera. 


The British Council is an organization that has itself focused on the English language and culture. Services related to exam preparation and English learning are offered by the British Council. The writing section of the British Council gives you an exemplary mix of activities as well as writing resources. These resources and activities can be done by any learner as it is arranged as per difficulty and it is designed for self-study. If you are a beginner, choose the correct level and start from the beginning. 


Cambridge exams are very popular around the world and they are sought after by English learners. You would be surprised to know that over 5 million Cambridge exams are held every year! Due to these reasons, the resources that they give out are highly professional and equally educational. You will be taken to the dashboard once you are done setting up your profile. After this, you may begin with your learning process.