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Widening your vocabulary horizons take time and it does not happen in one day. You need to make an effort and have the right strategy to achieve a good vocabulary. In this article, I will help you provide 3 such apps that will prove helpful to you in building your vocabulary. Remember that every app is different. Based on your comprehension level, these apps will provide you with relevant vocabulary that will suit your requirement and it is important for you to choose such a resource that will fulfill your learning need.

There are some apps that make you learn through word games that make learning fun. With those word games, you will be bound to learn those words and their meanings that will help you in growing your vocabulary. You will have to be dedicated to learning and you will have to practice it daily. These apps will give you daily reminders for you to stay connected and they will also send you motivational messages. This will be done so that you stay interested and enthusiastic in being regular to learn English vocabulary.

Let us now get to the point and have a look at the 3 apps that will help you to widen your English vocabulary horizons,


This app is available on IOS as well as Android devices. Be ready to be tested by this app because it will test your vocabulary to its limits. If you like to solve crossword puzzles, then this app is built just for you.

In this app, you will get a few letters as clues wherein you will have to use them in order to create new words. Not just this, you will have to connect them to make out the final solution to the crossword. This app will make help you in sharpening your problem-solving skills too, which will be beneficial to you in real life. Using this app to its fullest is a must if you are really serious about improving your English vocabulary horizons.


This app is available on IOS and Android devices and it provides a very similar experience to scrabble. By playing regularly, you will encounter new words that will help you in increasing your vocabulary horizons. The app also gives you weekly challenges to get your excitement levels even higher.


This app is available on IOS and Android devices. This app is uniquely built for the ones who make frequent spelling mistakes. It is also for the ones who are eager to learn difficult words. In this game, you will have to use the last letters of the opponent’s words in order to form a new word. The difficult modes in this game vary and you can even challenge other players in the game. This app forces you to think and come up with the correct word.

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