What is Drama? All you need to know about it

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what is drama

What is Drama? All you need to know about it

What is Drama?

To answer the question of what is drama – Drama is a representation that includes dialogues and performance. Usually, it is a fictional representation. We also call Drama a type of play or a skit that is created for other mediums like theatre, television, films, etc. A drama represents a story by characters enacting it. Usually, a drama is for stage presentation. The story will include conflict of characters, thus portraying the story in front of the audience on the stage. A ‘dramatist’ or a ‘playwright’ is the person who writes drama that is to be shown or presented on stage. A drama is usually connected with similar terms such as stage play, theatre play or even television play.

Functions of Drama

Drama is known to be as one of the best forms of literature as the person who writes drama gets to receive an instant feedback about the play directly from the audience. They get to speak with their audiences through stories that can be enacted on stage. At times, the dramatists also speak about themselves to the audience by using their characters to send a particular message to them. A dramatist makes use of languages so as to connect through emotions.

Types of Drama

There are many types of Drama, but some of the common types are:


Comedy is a type of drama that creates laughter among the audience or even the readers. A comedy is a light-hearted and also a joyful type of drama.


Grand Guignol is a type of drama that is created to depict brutality, violence as well as horror that used to happen in the 19th century.


Entertainment of public on the streets by using readymade scenes as well as themes is known as street theatre.


We also call romantic comedy as ‘rom-coms’. It is a light-hearted form of drama that includes romance as well as comedy, thus keeping it joyful and light.


Tragic comedy is created that includes tragedy as well as comedy to make the audience feel a sigh of relief after they have gone through the tragic moments in the drama.


Melodrama is all about exaggeration of characters, situations and events for a dramatic effect.


Kabuki is a Japanese style of drama that consist of dance, styled performance and fancy costumes.

What makes a stunning drama?

A great drama happens when all the basic 5 elements of it come together in a flow. The five elements of drama are plot, character, tension/suspense, language and atmosphere. At times it may happen that the focus of drama may be just on a single element, but it will need creative people and ideas to make the story a success. All the five elements of drama can be seen clearly in plays and dramas. The interesting and creative part of the five elements is that dramatists use them in their own way and in their own proportions.

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