Let us look at some words that you could use during your flights and at the airports!

Flights have started and the pandemic has slowed down just a bit, people can migrate, can return to their work, go for a vacation, and whatnot. Everyone likes to visit new places and new countries as well as we like to explore their culture and lifestyle.

There are several ways to travel but the quickest and exciting way to travel is by flight. If you want to travel by plane, you will obviously have to go to the airport and have you notices that there are certain words that people use when they go to the airport? No matter which place or which country you land in,  English will be the most spoken language in the airport.

There are certain words while you use when you are at the airport, on your flight or you are doing some airport-related work. 

Let us get back to our main topic and get to know 10 such words that are used on flights and at the airports,


Your friends and family will be meeting you at the airport at the arrival when your plane lands. You must have seen this word on the board that gives the position of every plane that has been arrived or has been departed.

I will be meeting you at the arrivals.


The boarding pass shows you your seat number and details about the plane. This happens after you have notified the airline that you have arrived at the airport and you have already checked in your luggage.


This is nothing but the area where people travel for business purposes and this area is especially for them. Business-class tickets are more expensive than normal ones. 


You notify the airline that you have arrived at the airport by checking in after which you have to give your luggage to them and you will receive a boarding pass. The area wherein you perform these tasks is also called the check-in.


You meet the costumes officer before you enter the country wherein they check if you are bringing anything that is illegal like drugs, guns, or too much money. While doing this, you will be asked if you have anything to declare and if you not carrying something that is forbidden, your answer must be no.


Departure is nothing but a lounge where you wait for your flight after completing all the mandatory procedures to board your flight.


The most expensive area of the plane is the first-class and you will have a lot of space to move in that particular area. You receive much better service in the first-class than that of any other class and you also get bigger seats than usual.


A passport is one of the identifications you give while you travel through flights. Identifications are proof of who you are. It is mandatory to carry your passport if you are traveling by air.


You ask for one way ticket when you do not want to come back so you take a one-way ticket to reach your destination. If you want to return back, you will ask for a return ticket. In order to have both, you will have to go for a round-trip ticket.

  1. VISA

In order to enter a new country, you require permission and that is where a visa comes into the picture. There are some places where you will have to obtain your visa in order to enter that country, without which you will not be allowed to enter that specific country.

These were the 10 words that are commonly used during flights and at airports. 

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