Fitness Freak? 5+ words that you can use during your fitness regime


Nowadays everybody is a fitness freak and who does not like to stay fit?  Getting fit and knowing about fitness is kind of a necessity these days. It is equally important to know the fitness vocabulary if you are hitting the gym or you are working out at your home. English plays an important role if you are going to the gym every day. 

Let us now look at 5+ such fitness words that you can use during your workout times,

The very first word we know is ‘workout’ which means to do different kinds of exercise and be consistent with it. The exercises need to be done daily which is why they are collectively called workouts.

Very frequently we hear about ‘abs’ or even ‘six-pack abs’. These are nothing but stomach and belly muscles that are so well defined that they looked ripped. Another word that follows six-pack abs is ‘ripped’ which means clear muscle definition. 

When does a person shed pounds or sheds weight? It happens when they are trying to exercise in order to lose weight. That is when they are trying to shed pounds. Before you do your actual workout, you try to ‘warm up’ and it means that you are gearing up for the heavy workout. You warm up in order to loosen up tightened muscles. In the end, you also cool down to relax your muscles. 

Apart from workouts, you also train yourself which is why you need a training routine. Training routine is nothing but your plan to carry your training. When you exercise too much, you get exhausted and too tired, which means you wear yourself out.         

These were some words that can be used during your fitness regime whether you are in your gym or whether you are working out in your home.

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