A conversation between 2 sisters

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conversation between 2 sisters

A conversation between 2 sisters

Overview: A conversation between 2 sisters is the most beautiful thing you could hear anytime and anywhere. It is very common and regular to have small chats with sisters every now and then, on any topic.

Below given is one such example of a small conversation between 2 sisters on discounts and offers provided on online shopping apps,

Sister 1: Hey, did you check out the latest sale on this app?

Sister 2: No, I didn’t check it out!

Sister 1: Oh my God! Are you kidding me?

Sister 2: C’mon now tell me what’s so exciting in the latest sale.

Sister 1: Come here, I’ll show you,

Sister 2: Ohh, tell me here, please!

Sister 1: Do you want to check out the latest trends or not?

Sister 2: Yes, I want to.

Sister 1: Then come here now!

Sister 2: Coming.

Sister 1: Look, there is 50% off on almost everything and 80% off if you are choosing a full dress.

Sister 2: I did not understand.

Sister 1: See, if you are buying a t-shirt, jeans, and shoes; you will get an 80% discount on the whole dress. Understood?

Sister 2: Gosh, Why didn’t you tell this earlier?

Sister 1: You were least interested in knowing. And do you know the exciting part?

Sister 2: What is it tell me fast!

Sister 1: if you are purchasing the whole dress, you get an 80% off on the purchase and you also get your favorite skincare kit as a gift, especially for this season.

Sister 2: Okay, I have a lot of work now! I’ll have to do a lot of shopping. DND.

Sister 1: hahaha, alright…carry on!