basic conversation

Basic conversation in the college canteens has to be one of the most memorable and the most interesting conversations one could ever have. 

Some might be having these basic conversations or, for some it would be a quite beautiful memory.

Friend 1: Hey, now that we have quite some time before the next lecture, why don’t we go to the college canteen? Let’s have some coffee.

Friend 2: Ohh yes, we can relax there for some time and have something to eat.

Friend 1: Perfect! So, I will have a sandwich and a cold coffee. What are you going to have?

Friend 2: I’ll have a Frankie and a cold coffee. The cold coffee is quite good over here!

Friend 1: Yeah, many of our classmates come here to have it, I’ve seen it a lot many times.

Friend 2: No worries! Now that we are going to try it, let’s see how is it!

Friend 1: By the way, do you like the teaching of this new chemistry teacher we have?

Friend 2: Umm, not so much. At times it is a bit difficult to understand what he has to teach and most of the time he uses difficult language and sentences which are hard to understand.

Friend 1: I know! It happens with me too. At times his lectures are so boring that I don’t even feel to pay attention to them.

Friend 2: But the thing is that we cannot do anything. It is our last semester and anyway it is us who have to study and dedicate ourselves.

Friend 1: So true! I’m done with my coffee and I think we must go. It’s time for our next lecture!

Friend 2: Yea, let’s go!

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