English conversation between two person: about high inflation

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English conversation between two person

English conversation between two person: about high inflation

Overview: In this post, let us take a look at English conversation between two person about inflation. Currently, India is witnessing a price rise in almost every product and service. According to Wikipedia: Inflation is a general increase in the prices of goods and services in an economy. This is the time when Sri Lanka is facing a big economic crisis. On the other hand, India is facing the problem of inflation too. Let us now see how this English conversation between two person about inflation goes on!

English conversation between two person about inflation

Person 1: Hey, where have you been for so long?

Person 2: I was at the petrol pump, refilling my bike’s tank.

Person 1: How much did it cost?

Person 2: It cost me Rs.111 for a liter of petrol

Person 1: What? What are you saying? It was below Rs.109 yesterday! It reach Rs.111 today?

Person 2: Yes, its price is constantly rising day by day.

Person 1: Even I had gone to the market yesterday. Do you know the price of 1kg tomatoes?

Person 2: No. I haven’t been to the market in a few days. I’m sure the prices must have gone up in these couple of days.

Person 1: I’ll tell you. The price of 1kg tomatoes is Rs.80 here.

Person 2: If the price of essential commodities keeps on increasing, what will a common man eat? How will he afford food?

Person 1: If this keeps on continuing, then a common man will not be able to afford even the basic commodities.

Person 2: Educational costs have risen too. The other day, my cousin told me that her college is asking for a fee of Rs.35,000 per year.

Person 1: Ohh my God! Did she take admission over there?

Person 2: She is trying to enter that college through a scholarship. She does not have any other option now.

Person 1: The government is eating up the common man in today’s time. There is still no tap water, no proper roads, and no sanitation in many parts of India.

Person 2: Yeah. This is why it is important for the students to learn and educate themselves so that they can make their lives better as well as that of society.

Person 1: Absolutely.


Eating up the common man‘ is a phrase that is used for dramatic effect.

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