Conversation between two people in English comparing street and online shopping

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Conversation between two people in English

Conversation between two people in English comparing street and online shopping

Overview: In this post, let us take a look at a conversation between two people in English about fashion. Many of us have our own choices to buy clothes and many of us choose to buy clothes from malls, shops, or do street shopping. And for some reason, we choose to stick to that one place to buy clothes, however good or however bad they may be. We have a better chance of negotiating with the same seller we know, and that is the best part about offline shopping, isn’t it?

The below-given dialogue between two friends about clothes is an example of two best friends who are arguing whether street shopping is better than shopping online. Let us see how their conversation goes!

Conversation between two people in English about fashion

Friend 1: Hey, what are your plans this weekend?

Friend 2: Nothing much. Do you have any plans?

Friend 1: I was thinking we could go shopping! What do you say?

Friend 2: Shopping, okay. But where?

Friend 1: Nowhere, but online shopping, of course! We can check thousands of products, hundreds of brands, and varieties all in one place. Online shopping is such a good place to shop. I mean it eliminates all the hustle you have to do while choosing physical shopping. Offline shopping is so tiring.

Friend 2: Yes, there are many advantages of online shopping, you get to try out clothes a few days later, and then you have to replace them if they don’t fit. Let’s go street shopping instead. The prices are also reasonable and we will get good quality stuff over there!

Friend 1: I don’t like street shopping. There is a lot of chaos and bargaining. And it is so tiring too. I don’t want to get tired while shopping. Come on!

Friend 2: What’s wrong with bargaining? The prices are better than the malls and stores as well. You can actually negotiate to the lowest price you can! That is not possible in online shopping.

Friend 1: And what do we get to eat at those places? Nothing!

Friend 2: There are many food stalls. We can go to the cafe. They are your favorites, right? Having a cold coffee and blueberry cheesecake. I know a cafe that serves amazing cold coffees. We can try that out!

Friend 1: Okay fine, if you insist so much. Let’s go street shopping this time. But we will go to the mall next time for shopping.

Friend 2: Yeah fine! You pay my online bills, haha!

Friend 1: Nice joke!


‘Eliminate’ – The meaning of eliminating is to ‘remove’.

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