Classroom conversation between student and teacher about science practicals

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classroom conversation between teacher and student

Classroom conversation between student and teacher about science practicals

Overview: In this post, let us look at a classroom conversation between student and teacher in which the teacher talks the student to come well prepared for the upcoming science practicals. The student is good with theory-based subjects but is poor while performing practical exams. Thus, the teacher is herself asking the student to come well prepared and fetch good marks in the science practical exams.

Classroom conversation between student and teacher about science practicals

Teacher (Vanessa): James, will you please come to me?

Student (James): Yes, ma’am.

Vanessa: Alright, I wanted to speak to you personally regarding the upcoming science practical exams.

James: Science practical exams?

Vanessa: Yes, why do you look so surprised?

James: Oh! I had forgotten about it. I am so sorry.

Vanessa: You forgot about it? How can you forget about such important exams?

James: Apologies, ma’am. This situation will not happen again.

Vanessa: Okay, now listen to me carefully.

James: Yes ma’am. I am all ears.

Vanessa: Good. I have called you here to personally ask you to prepare very well for the upcoming practical exams. I hope you are aware of the date when the practical exams will be conducted, right?

James: Yes ma’am.

Vanessa: Will you please tell me if you know?

James: Yes ma’am, Science practical exams are being conducted on 22 July 2022.

Vanessa: That is correct. I hope you have started preparing for the same, right?

James: Yes ma’am. I am preparing for the exams. I have almost completed the syllabus for the practicals.

Vanessa: That is really impressive. I am asking you to do better because your grades were not so good in the previous semester’s science practical exams. You had fetched only the passing marks, do you remember?

James: Yes, I do remember. But, I have done a solid preparation this time and I won’t let you or my parents down with poor grades.

Vanessa: Okay, tell me how much are you studying for the exams?

James: I am putting in a minimum of three hours of study every day for all the subjects and a minimum of one hour for practical exams and assignments.

Vanessa: And may I ask how you are managing your studies with school and classes?

James: Yes ma’am. Once I leave school at 1 p.m, then I reach home by 1:30 p.m and I finish my lunch by 2 p.m. Then I rush to classes by 2:30 and the classes go on till 4 p.m. I come back home, take an hour of break and then I start studying.

Vanessa: That is good to know that you are giving in more concentration and dedication to study for your exams but once the exams are over, then make sure to take a full break for a week or two so that you can relax and depressurize yourself from the burden of studies you are having now.

James: Yes ma’am, my family has already planned summer vacation this time.

Vanessa: Oh, that is a relief for you? Where is your family planning to go?

James: Ma’am, we are planning to go to our cousin’s house in Shimla.

Vanessa: That is perfect. I hope you have a great time there. Till then, you focus on your studies and don’t let the excitement of summer vacations take on your focus from your studies. I hope that is clear.

James: Absolutely, ma’am. Like I said before, I won’t let you down nor will let my parents down. I will not just make my parents proud this time by fetching good marks, but I will also let you proud.

Vanessa: Very good James. You can go back to your seat now.

James: Okay, thank you, ma’am.


‘Fetch – The word ‘Fetch’ refers ‘to get’.

‘Depressurize‘ – The word ‘depressurize’ is the opposite of the word ‘pressurize’.

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