Conversation between teacher and student in English about viva exams

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Conversation between teacher and student

Conversation between teacher and student in English about viva exams

Overview: In this post, let us take a look at a conversation between teacher and student in English about the viva exams that have been already conducted. There is one student who has not performed up to the mark for which the teacher calls him and wants to speak with him. Let’s see how the conversation goes.

Conversation between teacher and student in English about viva exams

Student: Ma’am, the other student told me that you wanted to speak with me. Is everything alright? Did I do anything wrong?

Teacher: No, you haven’t done anything wrong. But there is something I would like to inform you.

Student: Yes, ma’am please tell me.

Teacher: The thing is that you haven’t performed well in your viva exams. You haven’t received the average marks for it.

Student: Oh, but I had given my best for it.

Teacher: Yes I know. But, still, you haven’t received good marks. Is there anything wrong with your studies? Are you going through any problems in your family that you are unable to focus on your studies?

Student: No ma’am.

Teacher: You can speak with me. If there is something going on in your family, then let me know. I will speak with your parents. Your studies should not get affected.

Student: No ma’am. There is nothing of this sort.

Teacher: Alright then.

Student: So what will I have to do now in order to get good grades for this?

Teacher: You will have to give your viva exams again and this time make sure you are well prepared. Do not give me a chance to give you bad grades again.

Student: Absolutely, ma’am. When shall I give the viva exam?

Teacher: I’m giving you a week’s time to prepare yourself. Let’s conduct your viva coming Monday.

Student: Sure. I will come prepared.

Teacher: That’s good. Now go back to your desk.

Student: Yes ma’am.

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