An Educational Conversation between Two Teachers.

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conversation between two teachers

An Educational Conversation between Two Teachers.

Overview: There happens an educational conversation between two teachers when they talk about various things like exams, further studies, curriculum, etc.

Below mentioned is an example of an education conversation between two teachers related to higher education.

Professor 1: It’s been a year for you to teach in this college. How has it been?

Professor 2: Ohh, it has been lovely. But I have seen one problem with the students.

Professor 1: What’s that?

Professor 2: They are not really serious about getting more educated. I mean they are just graduating now and being a graduate is everyone’s cup of tea. 

Professor 1: Yes, further studies help you to widen your opportunities for a job and you get to learn more than you can ever imagine.

Professor 2: Yeah, I mean if not further studies, then they can learn a foreign language or something of that sort. Translation has a great scope nowadays.

Professor 1: Yes, but, I think doing further studies takes you one step ahead and widens your chances of landing up in a good job.

Professor 2: Do you think we should talk with the students about further studies? I mean you are the HoD of the department so you can take the decision.

Professor 1: I was thinking to have a seminar with the students about this.

Professor 2: That would be awesome.

Professor 1: So I put this responsibility on you to plan the seminar and inform the students about the same.

Professor 2: Don’t worry! I’ll take care of it.

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