Conversation between doctor and patient about headache

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conversation between doctor and patient

Conversation between doctor and patient about headache

Overview: Here is a conversation between doctor and patient where the patient comes to visit the doctor about suffering a chronic headache. The patient is clueless as to why he is suffering from a constant headache. Let’s see how the doctor and patient conversation goes on!

Conversation between doctor and patient

Patient (Kevin): Hello doctor, may I come in?

Doctor: Sure you can.

Kevin: Thank you.

Doctor: Yes tell me. What is it that you are suffering with?

Kevin: Actually for the past few days, I am suffering from a headache that is just not going away.

Doctor: Okay, did you take any medicine?

Kevin: Yes I did take medicines. In fact, I had to take medicines twice a day for the headache.

Doctor: And still it did not go away?

Kevin: No it didn’t.

Doctor: Are you getting enough sleep?

Kevin: Umm… no. The reason is that I am quite busy with my office work and I log off at midnight. So I am not getting enough sleep.

Doctor: Okay so the reason for your headache is overworking and stress. You are overworking throughout the week and you are compromising on your sleep. If this continues to go on, it will have a bad effect on your health.

Kevin: Okay but I can’t compromise on my job!

Doctor: Health comes first. If you are fit and stress-free, only then can you do your job dedicatedly.

Kevin: That’s true. So what shall I do now?

Doctor: If possible, then resume your job on a 9-hour basis or even less than that. Don’t take too much stress about it and have a complete 8+ hours of sleep. Make sure that there are no disturbances around you while sleeping.

Kevin: Alright doctor.

Doctor: And I am prescribing you some medicines. You will have to take these medicines after having your meal. It is a 5-day course and make sure that you complete it.

Kevin: How much fee do I have to pay?

Doctor: Please pay outside. The nurse will take care of it.

Kevin: Okay doctor. Thank you so much.

Doctor: You’re welcome.


In medical terms, the word ‘chronic‘ means constant.

Knowledge fact: A doctor is paid in terms of a ‘fee’ as the doctor delivers a type of highly qualified service.

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