A conversation between doctor and patient in English

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conversation between doctor and patient in English

A conversation between doctor and patient in English

Overview: This conversation between doctor and patient in English is more like a conversation between a physiotherapist and a patient. The twist in this conversation is that in today’s time, we all are looking ahead to have healthy, balanced, and joyful days of staying fit – and also fulfilling our food cravings.

So, in this good communication, let us take a look at a regular person just like us who wants to have a fit and healthy lifestyle for which she goes to a physiotherapist to get suggestions on having some daily routine exercises and how to have a balanced diet.

A conversation between doctor and patient in English

Patient: Hello doctor! May I come in?

Doctor: Sure. Please come in! Have a seat.

Patient: Thank you doc.

Doctor: Yes, tell me. What assistance do you need?

Patient: The thing is that I have been busy with my work and family for a couple of days and have been occupied there.

Doctor: Okay.

Patient: And due to this, I’m not able to focus on myself, I have lost my daily routine, my body has gone out of shape and I’m not having a balanced meal these days. I would really like to get back on track. But I don’t know how. This is the reason why I’m here!

Doctor: Alright, no problem. You have come to the right place. I can take care of these kinds of problems. Actually, nowadays I’m getting a lot of patients who are coming up with these kinds of problems and they also want a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Patient: Exactly.

Doctor: Let me tell you that it is not easy to get back on routine once you have let yourself free from an unbalanced diet and lifestyle – but you can get back on track if you are consistent with what I am going to advise you.

Patient: Sure. I’m all ears.

Doctor: Okay, so firstly you will have to go slow with what you eat in a day. You will have to cut down on sugar and indulge more in fruits, greens, and sprouts, drink more water, and cut down on caffeinated products like coffee and sodas.

Patient: Okay, and?

Doctor: You have two options of having your meals in a day. The first one is to go regular with having your breakfast, lunch, and dinner – and the second option is to break down your meals and have a limited quantity of food every 2-3 hours. Then slowly you can get ahead with fruit bowls and smoothies.

Patient: Okay, I’ve understood this. What about daily exercises?

Doctor: Do you head to the gym?

Patient: No.

Doctor: I would suggest you do yoga every day. Try doing it at home or at gyms that have Yoga or power yoga.

Patient: Alright. But, there won’t be any side effects of anything, right?

Doctor: Not at all! Getting yourself into exercises will keep you charged throughout the day. You will be more energized in the evening too. And try drinking a minimum of 3 litres of water a day.

Patient: Alright.

Doctor: One more thing I would like to tell you is to go slow when you are in this process and don’t just put pressure on your body. Listen to your body and then move ahead accordingly.

Patient: Alright doctor. Thank you so much!

Doctor: You’re welcome.


  • ‘To get back on track’ means to have a routine life once again that includes having a balanced meal, exercising, meditating, and everything else that helps you to stay calm, relaxed, and energized.
  • ‘I’m all ears’ means to listen carefully.
  • ‘To cut down on sugar’ in this conversation means to decrease the consumption of sugar.

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