Conversation between Employee and HR Manager regarding a referral

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Conversation between Employee and HR Manager regarding a referral

Conversation between Employee and HR Manager regarding a referral

Overview: In this post, let us take a look at a conversation between employee and HR manager about a referral.

In this conversation between an employee and an HR manager, the employee is asking about the current job openings within the organization and also providing a referral of his friend to HR.

Let us now see how the conversation goes!

Conversation between Employee and HR Manager

Employee: Hello ma’am, may I come in?

HR Manager: Sure. Please come in.

Employee: I wanted to enquire about the current job openings we are hiring for in our organization.

HR Manager: Yes, we are hiring for multiple profiles. Let me know what is your purpose for asking this?

Employee: Actually, one of my friends is working as a Tech. Support from last 3 years and now he is looking forward for a new opportunity. If we are having any vacancies for Tech. Support then I want to recommend him as he is a diligent worker and would be a good addition to our organization.

HR Manager: We do have a vacancy for Tech. Support. It would be good if you can provide us with his contact details so that we can connect with him and process his candidature.

Employee: Sure, I’ll mail you all his details with his updated resume.

HR Manager: Ok, and also in that mail keep your manager in CC as we have an employee referral program in our organization.

Employee: Can you let me know more about this referral program?

HR Manager: Sure, in our referral program, if an employee refers any candidate and the candidate gets selected then the employee will get a bonus amount of INR 5000.

Employee: That’s good. I’ll be sharing his details ASAP.

HR Manager: Okay, when I get his details I’ll go through his resume and will give him a call accordingly.

Employee: Great, thank you!.

HR Manager: Alright, then. I’ll see you later!

Employee: See you soon!


Diligent – a quality of a person who is careful and hardworking towards his work or duties.

Candidature – a person being considered for a particular job vacancy.

ASAP – abbreviation of ‘as soon as possible’

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