Conversation between Employee and HR Manager regarding a new Job Opportunity

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Conversation between Employee and HR Manager

Conversation between Employee and HR Manager regarding a new Job Opportunity

Overview: In this post, let us take a look at a conversation between Employee and HR Manager regarding a new job opportunity.

This conversation is between an employee (job seeker) and an HR manager, this is the first telephonic round conducted by the HR with the referral candidate provided by the employee of the same organization. This article will guide you with HR recruiter interview questions and answers as well which will benefit both the freshers and experienced professionals in knowing how to talk with hr on call for job.

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Conversation between Employee and HR Manager regarding a new Job Opportunity

Avni (HR Manager): Hello, Is this Ramit?

Ramit (Candidate): Yes, Ramit this side. May I know who is this?

Avni: Hi Ramit, Avni this side from the HR department of TCS. Is this the right time to talk to you?

Ramit: Yes, Ma’am!

Avni: I got your referral from one of our employees. Let me know if you are available in the job market?

Ramit: Yes, Ma’am. I am looking forward to a new job opportunity.

Avni: I called you for the position of Tech Support for our Gurgaon office. Would you be comfortable with the profile and location?

Ramit: Yes, Ma’am. I am currently working as a Tech Support only and I would be very much comfortable with the location as I am already working in Gurgaon.

Avni: What is your educational background?

Ramit: I have completed my Bachelor of Technology degree in IT from MNIT, Jaipur with an aggregate of 70%.

Avni: That’s great. Let me know what is your total working experience?

Ramit: I started my career 3 years back as a Tech Support so in total I have 3 years of work experience in this field.

Avni: Okay. With which company you are currently working?

Ramit: I am working in the Tech Support department of Wipro for their Gurgaon office.

Avni: So what are your roles and responsibilities in your current company?

Ramit: My KRA’s include identifying hardware and software solutions, troubleshooting technical issues, diagnosing and repairing faults, resolving network issues, installing and configuring hardware and software, etc.

Avni: Excellent. Let me know what is your reason for the job change?

Ramit: Actually, I have been working here for the past three years but the kind of work I am getting recently in the support profile is not exactly to my liking. Plus, to be honest, I am also looking for a good pay hike as well as new opportunities to upskill myself. I am looking for a new environment to grow.

Avni: Okay. Can you tell me what is your current CTC?

Ramit: My current CTC is 5 LPA.

Avni: What are you expecting in terms of salary further?

Ramit: As per industry norms, I am expecting a minimum of 30 – 40% hike on my current CTC.

Avni: You have good exposure and skillset. We will surely offer you a decent hike on your current CTC based on your interview. Let me know what do you know about TCS?

Ramit: TCS is one of the leading consultancy firms in the market and with a quality working environment. TCS is like an ocean of endless learning experiences with the latest technologies and practices. Working with TCS will be an amazing opportunity to learn, grow and explore and give the best of me.

Avni: Good to hear that, Ramit. What is your notice period?

Ramit: I can join within 30 Days once I got selected.

Avni: Okay. Would you be available for a Microsoft Teams interview round tomorrow?

Ramit: Yes, Ma’am sure. Let me know at what time?
Avni: Would 3 PM in the afternoon be okay with you?

Ramit: Yes, Ma’am. It’s Perfect!

Avni: Let me know your email id so I can share the JD and the interview link.

Ramit: My mail id is

Avni: Okay, noted. Will share the details till EOD. Do mark your acceptance on the same.

Ramit: Will surely do that. Thanks for the opportunity.


KRA : KRA stands for ‘Key Responsibility Area’.

CTC : CTC stands for ‘Cost to Company’.

EOD : EOD stands for ‘End of the day’.

JD : JD stands for ‘Job Description’.