Conversation between father and daughter about studies

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conversation between father and daughter about studies

Conversation between father and daughter about studies

Overview: In this post, let us look at a conversation between father and daughter about studies. The daughter just came out of her room and takes a seat at the dining table with her father. They begin a conversation about books and setting a routine.

The daughter, being close to her father, feels free to talk about her study life and her personal life too. Let us now look at the father and daughter conversation about studies.

Conversation between father and daughter about studies

Daughter: Hey Dad!

Dad: Hello hon! Did you finish studying?

Daughter: Not yet, Dad. The exams are in a few days and I haven’t yet completed the syllabus.

Dad: Oh, I am noticing that you are constantly busy studying.

Daughter: I know I know. But I don’t really have a choice. I am also interning as a content writer and jotting some money for my personal expenses, so I don’t really get time to study throughout the day.

Dad: Hmm. I see. So, how of studies are remaining now for you to complete?

Daughter: Just a few chapters. Why?

Dad: I was thinking that we can bake a cake, so you could also relax while baking!

Daughter: Oh, but what about the remaining chapters?

Dad: Take a break from your studies. I know you will do well in your exams. I trust you and you should trust yourself too. You know when I was your age, I did not study, and I used to wander with my friends all the time.

Daughter: Wow. How was that?

Dad: It was really fun but you are not like me and I am proud of that. You are dedicated to your studies and work too, you are balancing your personal life and professional life too.

Daughter: Thanks Dad.

Dad: But you are just 22 and I don’t want you to bury yourself in studies and work all the time. You should take some time out for yourself, go and have fun with your friends, go to cafes and read books, not your college book. Or go and watch the sunrise, and spend some time with yourself!

Daughter: But I need to hustle now, don’t I?

Dad: Yes, that’s true. But this is also your age to explore yourself and not drown in the want of money. You will have to work throughout your life.

Daughter: But Dad…

Dad: But, if you spend some time in exploring yourself, meeting different people, and having fun, you will remember that throughout your life. And that will be worth your time!

Daughter: Wow, Dad. You explain it so well! But, mom won’t allow me to go. She is possessive about me, I mean she is not wrong.

Dad: Oh, come on. I know my wife. I will handle her. Don’t you worry! Hahaha…

Daughter: That is a good answer.

Dad: So, do you want to bake today or do you want to study?

Daughter: Umm…I think I can give myself a day to relax and spend a moment with my Dad while we bake together. What do you say?

Dad: That’s like my daughter!

Daughter: Well then, do we have the ingredients to bake a chocolate cake?

Dad: No…I don’t think so. I suggest we go to the shop and purchase the ingredients and make a fancy cake. We can also grab a cold coffee from Starbucks. I guess you need a coffee.

Daughter: Wow, my Dad’s in a full mood to make expenses. That is rare and I am going to take advantage of that. Hahaha…

Dad: Come on, you are my daughter! There is no such thing as an expense when it comes to you! Let’s watch the recipe first.

Daughter: I love you dad!

Dad: I love you too, my sweet daughter!


‘Constantly’ – The word ‘constantly’ can also be used as a synonym for ‘continuously’.

‘Honey, sweetheart’ – Such words are expressions used for loved ones.

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