A Conversation between mother and daughter about studies in English

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Conversation between mother and daughter

A Conversation between mother and daughter about studies in English

Overview: This is a conversation between mother and daughter about studies in English. Currently, the daughter is getting educated in an English school but she wants to get deeper into English self-study. Her mother, who is a teacher in the same school, guides her on the journey of self-studying and covers all factors of learning English by suggesting one surprise element.

Read the full conversation to know what is the surprise element!

A conversation between mother and daughter about studies in English

Daughter: Mom, I have something in my mind that I would like to do.

Mother: Sure darling. What is it?

Daughter: I know I am in school but I would also like to do self-study of English at home but don’t know how to begin with. I don’t know how to learn English by myself, how to achieve fluency, or how to work on vocabulary…

Mother: Oh dear. Don’t stress out. Let’s answer your question one by one. Tell me your doubts?

Daughter: I know I want to self-study English at home but I don’t know to learn English by myself.

Mother: Okay that is a very broad question. You will have to take baby steps to make your English strong.

Daughter: Baby steps as in?

Mother: As in you can start reading short stories in the beginning. And reading with full concentration, not getting distracted by anything. You will have to stay dedicated if you wish to achieve fluency.

Daughter: Yes, reading I can do. I can start reading 5 pages a day.

Mother: Good. You are understanding the drill. Once you have the hold of reading short stories, then you can go on to the next step of reading novels, either fiction, non-fiction or both depending on your interests.

Daughter: But this will just improve my reading ability. What about speaking English?

Mother: I know one simple way through which you can improve your English speaking.

Daughter: Please tell me. What is it?

Mother: You can speak with me and your Dad in English at home. And once you are out to play, at the school, on the bus, then you can speak in English too! This will help you in improving your pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

Daughter: What if I don’t know some English words? What will I do then?

Mother: You can carry a pocket dictionary. You can go through some new words in the dictionary while you are on your way to school.

Daughter: But how will I know if my English is improving or not?

Mother: For that you can keep a personal diary. With this, it will become easier for you to track your improvement as you keep writing daily happenings. Then you can read and understand where you went wrong and later you can rectify that mistake. Simple, isn’t it?

Daughter: Yeah, this is a good idea. But what about those times when I’ll get bored or will feel lazy with this constant learning? But I still would like to learn in that time.

Mother: Okay, do you know about the Talk Now App and the website?

Daughter: No, what is that?

Mother: With Talk Now App you can actually have English speaking practice sessions with a person who is also learning English through the app itself. You can also play word games in the app and can also learn how some conversations are done through their website blog, they have covered all grammar topics as well.

Daughter: So are you saying that Talk Now is the new way to learn English?

Mother: Absolutely, many students in my class also use this app. You should start using it too. Download it from the Google playstore.

Daughter: And what else can I do with this app?

Mother: You can make friends who are also willing to learn English just like you are. You can discuss your areas of interests, likes, dislikes, books, stories and what not in English and you both will learn together. It is always fun. You can never get bored of learning English, the only thing is to stay consistent with it.

Daughter: Alright mom. I’ll go and study for now. I have English exam this Monday. I want to score good grades in it.

Mother: Okay okay. Let me know if you want to eat something.


Take baby steps‘ means to start slow and not to rush with anything.

Understanding the drill‘ means to have an idea about the process.