A conversation between mother and daughter about studies after graduation

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Conversation between mother and daughter about studies

A conversation between mother and daughter about studies after graduation

The best conversation between mother and daughter about studies happens in the kitchen and here is one example of the same.

Daughter: Mom, now that I am going to be a graduate in a few months, I don’t understand what I am going to do after that. I have been looking out for jobs but there are not very good opportunities for only graduates.

Mom: Why don’t you go for further studies then. It would be good for your growth if you want to look for a better job opportunity.

Daughter: I have given that thought as well but I don’t know where to start and which course to choose.

Mom: It all depends on your field of interest. First, you have to find out your areas of interest, research about them, and find out how those courses would help build your career.

Daughter: Hmm, I understand that, but I have no idea what my interests are, and also do I have that much time to give on research and all.

Mom: See, your career depends on this so giving time and researching before opting for something will be the best choice as It would be once in a lifetime decision for you and your career as well.

Daughter: I guess you are right. If chosen properly then this would be a life-turning decision for me as it will help me in grabbing a good opportunity in my career.

Mom: Absolutely, now you got my point. While we are on this I want to tell you about a cool app I found today which will also help you in your development.

Daughter: What App you are talking about?

Mom: TalkNow App. This app helps people to improve their English speaking skills by daily practicing with others like you.

Daughter: Sounds Good. I guess it will also help with my hesitation. I will surely try this app.


grab opportunities – To ‘grab opportunities’ does not have a literal meaning and it means to make good use of every opportunity.

life-turning decision – ‘life-turning decision’ means taking a critical and important decision which you will take once in your lifetime.