small talk

Best talks happen between a mother and a daughter in the kitchen and here is one example of the same,

Daughter: Mom, now that I am going to be a graduate in a few months, I don’t understand what I am going to do after that. I have been researching but there are so many options that I don’t understand what do I choose.

Mom: It all depends on what you want to become. If you want to be an independent woman and live on your own salary, then you will have to do more than just graduate. Only graduation would not work.

Daughter: Yeah I understand that but further studies would take a lot of time, then when will I earn and when will I do the other stuff?

Mom: See, you will have your whole life to earn and if you don’t complete your studies now, you will probably be unable to study when you start earning. Once you begin to earn, people see money and nothing else.

Daughter: Now that I am in the flow to study and learn, I must do my further studies is what you are telling, right?

Mom: Absolutely, my parents were not in a situation to make me study more, we were financially unstable, but now that you are having this opportunity to learn further and make your own life, you must go ahead and don’t forget ever in your life to grab opportunities. People may laugh and might also get jealous, just because you are improving and moving ahead in your life. You will have to forget them and focus just on yourself.

Daughter: That is true. Fine then, I’ll go and finish my assignment and do some research on some good colleges.

Mom: Wait, I’m making pancakes. Have some and then you go!

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