Dialogue between mother and daughter about good manners

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dialogue between mother and daughter

Dialogue between mother and daughter about good manners

Overview: Here is a dialogue between mother and daughter about good manners. The daughter is a school-going kid and she is back home from her school. The daughter is tired and lazy too, which is why she bluntly refuses to complete her homework. At this point, her mother has a conversation with her and teaches her good manners including speaking politely. This dialogue between mother and daughter on moral values of life tells more about how parents can imbibe good manners in their children without any kind of force or pressure.

Dialogue between mother and daughter about good manners

Daughter: Mom, I am home.

Mother: Okay darling. Don’t throw your bags on the couch, keep them on the table and go wash your hands and legs.

Daughter: Oh, mom. I am not washing my hands and legs.

Mother: C’mon you need to have your lunch too.

Daughter: Mom, let me watch some youtube videos, and then I’ll come.

Mother: No, you cannot come home and start watching Youtube.

Daughter: No I am not coming.

Mother: (goes near her and asks politely) What happened to you? Is anything wrong?

Daughter: No mom, everything is fine.

Mother: Okay tell me, how was your day today?

Daughter: It was nice. The teacher allowed us to play games today.

Mother: That’s nice. Okay, now come with me to the kitchen. Do you want to eat some chocolate?

Daughter: I love chocolates!

Mother: (feeding her chocolate) Listen to me darling, you should not be speaking to anyone just like you did a while ago.

Daughter: But why, mom?

Mother: Because that is not the way we speak with people. We must have good manners. We must speak politely with everyone. We must behave kindly and show respect to people, to your elderly too.

Daughter: Yes, I remember. The teacher was teaching today about using please, sorry, and thank you.

Mother: Yes darling. You should be saying please when you want something. For example, “Mom, please can I have some chocolate?” And then you should say sorry when you have done a mistake. Lastly, you must say thank you to people who have helped you or have offered you something.

Daughter: But what will I get in return?

Mother: When you treat people with respect, you will receive respect too. Always remember that please, sorry, and thank you are golden words that you must keep in mind throughout your life.

Daughter: Mom, are there more good manners?

Mother: Yes, there are a lot of them. You need to have table manners while eating, you should not throw your bag after coming from school.

Daughter: I am sorry Mom, I will not repeat the same from tomorrow. I will keep the bag on the table.

Mother: Good girl. Now shall we get your hands and legs washed?

Daughter: Yes Mom!


The initial letter of the word ‘Mom‘ is in capital letters because it is a proper noun. The first letter of a proper noun needs to be capitalized even if they fall in between the sentence.

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