Conversation between father and son about cherishing little moments

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conversation between father and son

Conversation between father and son about cherishing little moments

Overview: Usually, a conversation between father and son could be more about college, studies, career, etc. that delve more into serious topics and serious aspects of life. However, in this conversation, let us see how the father is talking to his son about valuing and cherishing the little moments in life, whether sad or happy. The father is talking to his son about embracing failures and success, even if it is of little happiness. Let us see how the father and son conversation about cherishing little moments goes on!

Conversation between father and son about cherishing little moments in life

Son: Oh Dad, you are back from the office! We can watch today’s cricket match together too!

Dad: Yeah son, that’s the reason why I came back early from the office! Hahaha…

Son: That’s very smart of you, Dad!

Dad: Come on! I’m you Dad!

Son: Now, you take a quick shower! I guess mom is cooking something delicious. Do you smell it?

Dad: Yes, I do. I think it’s chicken.

Son: Bingo! It is chicken! You take a shower and come soon, Dad! The match will start in fifteen minutes!

Dad: Yes yes, I bee on the sofa within minutes.

Son Alright.

(After a few minutes)

Dad: Yes, come on now! Switch on the cricket channel!

Son: I have already switched on the cricket channel, Dad. It is the advertisement!

Dad: Oh yes! I see.

Son: How was your day, Dad?

Dad: It is much better now.

Son: Huh? I don’t understand.

Dad: The day was fine before I came back home and saw that you were waiting for me, that your mom is cooking something for us, as a family, and that this evening is the time that every human wishes for. To be at home in the evening, to see that your son is waiting for you and see that my wife is cooking something for us. It is beautiful.

Son: I kind of wait for you every evening too, for you to come back home as early as possible.

Dad: Yes, I can see that. You know, son, with what I have lived my life, and what I have seen, I will tell you that you live every moment that you are currently in.

Son: I’m not getting you.

Dad: I’m saying that, whether you are sad or whether you are happy, just live that moment. It will pass if it is sad, and it will surely give you a lesson that you will remember for a lifetime.

Son: And what about the happy moments, Dad?

Dad: Well, if you ask me, I will forever remember and cherish such moments when you were waiting for me to come back home to watch a cricket match with you.

Son: I also have beautiful moments that I remember, Dad.

Dad: Is it? What are those?

Son: I remember when you supported me when I was unable to ride my bicycle without the supporting tires. I knew you wished all the time that I don’t fall. And I get what you are trying to tell me now.

Dad: Yes, tell me what you understand.

Son: You want me to fall from the bicycle of life so that I learn to pick myself and the cycle and begin to ride it again and again until I learn to ride it by myself. You are trying to tell me that it is important for me to fall so that I can pick myself and later laugh at the moment when I fell…but also be happy and cherish the moment when I learned to pick myself and began moving ahead.

Dad: Oh son! You always seem to make me proud.

Son: I know what else you were trying to tell me, Dad!

Dad: You are reading my mind now, come on tell me.

Son: hahaha…You were telling me that job, work, career will be going on for a lifetime…but I should also be living in the moments when I want to just sneak out of the office, or just bunk one day and stay home with you all or just wander…life will also be in those moments, isn’t it, Dad?

Dad: Yes, of course, son. It’s not that career life will bore you out. Sometimes, the workload may bore you, but it is the people who will keep you going on. You will make friends and more friends, just don’t leave them. You will make your life’s best memories with them!

Son: I’ll remember what you said, Dad!

Dad: Oh look…the match has started! Come on! Make a seat for your mom too or we won’t get the dinner today!

Son: hahaha… you are funny!

Dad: I know…I am your Dad!

Son: And you are the best!

Dad: Come on now, you don’t want me to cry!

Son: Oh no, I don’t. Let’s focus on the match!

Dad: We better do that.


‘Bingo’ – The word ‘bingo’ is an expression that can be used in place of ‘that’s right’.

‘Huh’ – The word ‘huh’ is an expression that is used when you don’t understand what is being said.

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