Conversation between librarian and student for membership

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conversation between librarian and student for membership

Conversation between librarian and student for membership

Overview: In this post, let us look at a conversation between librarian and student for membership. The student is a part of one of the biggest universities that have a huge library from which the student wants to dive into the ocean of knowledge. And, knowledge is more than just an academic syllabus. To get as much knowledge as possible, this dialogue between librarian and student will show how the student is getting a membership from the librarian.

Conversation between librarian and student for membership

Student (Henry): Hello, myself Henry Gonsalves, and I need a membership of a year to this library.

Librarian: Okay, you have come to the right place. May I see your student Identity Card?

Henry: Sure ma’am. Here it is.

Librarian: Alright. Wait for a moment.

Henry: Sure ma’am.

Librarian: Okay, I have registered you as a member of this library for a period of a year from 2022-23.

Henry: Okay, thank you so much.

Librarian: I will give you a library guidebook that has all the details related to the library and all the rules that you will have to follow. You cannot just come here to pass time, and you must have a motive for which you will come to the library.

Henry: Okay ma’am. I have understood. Is there anything else that I should know?

Librarian: Yes, every time you come into the library, you will have to give your attendance and write the date, your name, time, and why you have come in the library.

Henry: Okay, but can I come to the library to study?

Librarian: Yes of course you can, most of the students come to the library to study.

Henry: Oh, I was not aware of that!

Librarian: The students who cannot study at home or at a place where there is a lot of disturbance, those students come here and study.

Henry: Okay ma’am. I will also come to the library and study from tomorrow.

Librarian: Sure you can! Just don’t forget to bring the membership card that I just handed to you!

Henry: Yes, I will keep that in mind!

Librarian: Alright.

Henry: Thank you so much, ma’am.

Librarian: No problem!


‘Dive in the ocean of knowledge’ – This phrase means to grasp more information and knowledge from something,

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