Conversation between manager and employee – interview for the position of Tech Support

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conversation between manager and employee

Conversation between manager and employee – interview for the position of Tech Support

Overview: Here is a conversation between manager and employee. As seen in the first round of the interview between the candidate (Ramit) and the HR (Avni), Ramit got shortlisted in the first telephonic round of the interview for the post of Tech Support.

The below-given conversation is the second round of the interview between Ramit and the Manager. With this conversation, you will learn how to respond to the questions in an interview as well as what type of questions to expect for the post of Tech Support.

Read out the first job interview to understand the concept much better!

Conversation between Manager and Employee (2nd round of interview)

Avinash (Manager): Hello Ramit, How are you?

Ramit (Candidate): Hello sir, I’m good. Thanks for asking.

Avinash: Good to hear that, now let’s get started. So, let me know what made you get into technical support in the first place?

Ramit: Sure sir. Technology excites me and I have been fascinated with Tech support for the past three years. I like dealing with people and I would like to help them and solve the technical problems they are facing.

Avinash: Okay that’s good. But you could have applied to any other company for this post also, then what made you apply to this company?

Ramit: I’ve known more about this company and the scale of this company is amazing. This is the reason it will help me grow so that I can give much better service to you and the people who need my help with technical problems. I think I can have a better and more positive impact over here. Hence I applied to this company.

Avinash: Alright. What do you think is more important – technical knowledge or customer service?

Ramit: I think better technical knowledge helps in performing the job in a much better way. On the other hand, it is also quite essential to provide quality customer service. I think if we have a strong base of tech support, then we can deliver quality customer service, that will help us to retain them and we will be much trusted by them.

Avinash: That is an impressive answer!

Ramit: Thank you, sir.

Avinash: Tell me about the latest processors you know.

Ramit: As of today, Intel Pentium Quad-Core i3, i5, and i7 are the latest processors.

Avinash: Good. And tell me something about Ghost imaging.

Ramit: Ghost imaging is a backup process that is software-driven. With Ghost imaging, the hard disk contents are copied to a different server in a single compressed file that we call an ‘image’. Very often, it is used for the reinstallation of the OS.

Avinash: And what are its purposes?

Ramit: Ghost image has the purpose of cloning a system onto others and another purpose is to restore a system.

Avinash: Okay Ramit, here is your last question! How will you communicate with the customers who are not well-versed with tech?

Ramit: I would make use of simple and clear language that we use in daily life so that they understand what is the matter. And then I will ask them what trouble they are facing so that I can understand for myself where the actual problem lies! Lastly, I will tell them the reason why particular steps are taken so that they are aware of what is happening.

Avinash: Okay. I am done with the interview from my side. Do you have any questions to ask?

Ramit: Yes sir, when will I get the feedback?

Avinash: Soon, I will convey the feedback to HR (Avni) and she will get back to you.

Ramit: Alright sir. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Avinash: Great. Bye!!

Ramit: Bye sir, Have a good day ahead!


Dealing‘ – Dealing refers to ‘handling’ or ‘managing’

Essential‘ – Essential means ‘important’. The word ‘essential’ can also be used as a synonym for the word ‘important’.

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