Conversation between mother and child asking to buy a bicycle for her birthday

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conversation between mother and child

Conversation between mother and child asking to buy a bicycle for her birthday

Overview: In this conversation between mother and child, the daughter is asking for a gift of a bicycle on her birthday. The daughter, along with her friends, also wants to ride her own bicycle to the park in the evenings. Let us see how the conversation between mother and child goes!

Conversation between mother and child

Mother: Darling, come to me.

Daughter: Yes mom.

Mother: Your birthday is just two days away, right?

Daughter: Yes my birthday is just two days away and I am very excited about it. I will have lots of cake and I will get lots of gifts, isn’t it mom?

Mother: Yes of course darling. You will get lots of gifts.

Daughter: What are you going to gift me, mom?

Mother: You tell me. Is there anything special that you would want to have as a gift on your birthday?

Daughter: Yes mom. All of my friends have a bicycle and they all go for an evening ride in the park and I always have to take a seat behind someone on their bicycle. I don’t get to ride a bicycle with them. I would like to have my own bicycle, mom.

Mother: Oh darling. Why didn’t you tell me this earlier? We could have got you your own bicycle. Even you could have gone with them. Nevermind. I’ll get you your favorite bicycle on this birthday.

Daughter: Really mom?

Mother: Of course darling.

Daughter: Thank you so much, mom. I am very excited and I am very happy.

Mother: But you have to promise me one little thing.

Daughter: Yes mom. What is it?

Mother: You will not go for a bicycle race with them and you will ride your bicycle with care. You will also make sure that you don’t hurt yourself. Okay?

Daughter: Yes mom, I understand.

Mother: That’s like my good girl.

Daughter: Mom, what is Dad gifting me? Do you have any idea? You can tell me. I won’t tell anyone.

Mother: Hahaha…that is very clever of you. What Dad is gifting you is a surprise and surprises are not to be said, isn’t it?

Daughter: Oh mom, am I not your good girl? You can tell me!

Mother: Yes darling, you are my good girl and you are Dad’s super girl too! But I am not telling you the surprise. You will have to wait.

Daughter: I cannot wait, I want to know!

Mother: Well then, control your excitement. Will you have something to eat?

Daughter: Yes mom, I am very hungry.

Mother: Come then. Let’s make some pancakes for you!

Daughter: Yes I will have pancakes!


Word combinations used in the conversation are: Isn’t, Didn’t, I’ll, Don’t, That’s, Won’t, Let’s

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