Conversation between mother and daughter about first day in school

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conversation between mother and daughter

Conversation between mother and daughter about first day in school

Overview: In this post, let us look at a conversation between mother and daughter about first day in school. Many of us remember our first day of school and how we, as students were terrified to leave our home, and especially leave our comfort zone and enter into a place that is completely unknown. But, it was not just us who were terrified on our first day of school, it was our parents too who were equally terrified.

Those school days were equally terrific, yet the excitement, the thought of making new friends, playing with them, and having tiffin breaks with them were as joyful as they could be.

In this conversation, the mom is waiting outside the school where she left her daughter for her first day of school. The school day comes to an end the daughter comes cheerfully out of her school, meeting her mom. Now, let us look at the daughter and mother conversation.

Conversation between mother and daughter about first day in school

Daughter: Mommy, I am here!

Mom: Oh, darling. I missed you so much.

Daughter: I missed you too momma!

Mom: How was your day, honey? Did you eat your tiffin?

Daughter: Yes mom, I ate my tiffin, and I also shared it with my bench partner.

Mom: Wow, my daughter learns very fast. You know what I taught you, right? Sharing is caring.

Daughter: yes, mom. Sharing is caring. That’s what Tina also told me.

Mom: Oh, did you make a friend?

Daughter: Yes, mom. Her name is Tina and she sits beside me. The teacher told us to sit with each other. We sit on the first bench.

Mom: That’s great. What did you learn today?

Daughter: They did not teach us today. It was our first day, so they let us play.

Mom: Yeah, that explains why your uniform is in a complete mess.

Daughter: Yes, mom. The school has a very big playground. We also ate our tiffin on the playground and we played again after we finished eating.

Mom: Nice. What else did you do, darling?

Daughter: In the morning, the teacher asked the class to stand up and offer prayers. We are being taught different prayers, and the school anthem, and there were skits performed on the stage.

Mom: Looks, like your day, went well!

Daughter: No, mom. It was great. Since it was our first day, we were even offered chocolates while we left the school.

Mom: Oh, I did not expect that. So, are you excited to go to school tomorrow?

Daughter: Yes mom, I am very excited. The teacher has given us a timetable. It is written in the school calendar.

Mom: Okay, and what else did she say?

Daughter: She told us to bring only those subject books that are written on the school calendar.

Mom: That’s very nice.

Daughter: Yes mom, look, my shoes are dirty too. We played too much today.

Mom: No problem darling. I will take care of that. You played today, so you must be hungry, isn’t it?

Daughter: Yes mommy, I am very hungry.

Mom: Alright, so will you eat pancakes or would you like to eat maggi?

Daughter: Maggi Maggi! I want to have maggi!

Mom: Okay, do me and my daughter will make some delicious maggi to celebrate your first day at school!

Daughter: Yes, mom. I am very excited.

Mom: And I am happy!


‘Terrified’ – The word ‘terrified’ can also be used as a synonym for the word ‘scared’ or ‘afraid’.

‘Cheerful’ – The word ‘cheerful’ can be used as a synonym for words like ‘light-hearted’, ‘happy, ‘joy’, etc.

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