Conversation between mother and daughter about school picnic

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conversation between mother and daughter

Conversation between mother and daughter about school picnic

Overview: In this conversation between mother and daughter, the daughter is asking for her mother’s permission to go for a 2-day school picnic in a nearby resort. Let us see how the conversation goes!

Conversation between mother and daughter about school picnic

Daughter: Hey mom, my whole class is going for a picnic, even I want to go with them.

Mom: Where is the class going to the picnic?

Daughter: The class is going to a nearby resort. It is just two stations away from here.

Mom: Okay and are there any teachers accompanying the class?

Daughter: Yes mom, the class consists of 80 students and there are 4 teachers who will accompany the class.

Mom: Alright, did your teacher say anything about the picnic fee?

Daughter: Yes she said that each student will have to pay a fee of Rs.1000. Everything will be covered in that money.

Mom: Okay what all is being covered in that? And how is everybody going to travel?

Daughter: The teacher said that they have booked two buses for traveling. Other than this, the rooms are covered in this money along with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Mom: What about snacks?

Daughter: The snacks are not covered. I will need some extra money to have snacks.

Mom: Okay fine. I am allowing you to go to this picnic and I want you to be safe and stay with your class all the time. Do not go alone to any place. Okay?

Daughter: Okay mom. Don’t worry. I will be fine.


The word ‘accompanying’ means ‘to go somewhere with someone, being their companion’.

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