A conversation between shopkeeper and customer in English

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conversation between shopkeeper and customer in English

A conversation between shopkeeper and customer in English

Overview: In this post, we will see a conversation between shopkeeper and customer in English. There are times when we enter a departmental store or a shopping mart to buy daily essentials and daily items and it happens to most of us that we cannot find a few things because the items on the shelves are in a mess. The below-given shopkeeper and customer conversation is an example of the same situation that every customer goes through!

A simple conversation between shopkeeper and customer in English

Customer: Hi, good morning to you.

Shopkeeper: Good morning to you too, sir. How may I help you?

Customer: I would like to know where are the baskets kept?

Shopkeeper: Baskets are towards your right, sir.

Customer: Alright, thank you.

Shopkeeper: Welcome, sir.

Customer: (After completing the shopping…) Why are most of the products on the shelves in a mess?

Shopkeeper: Oh! is it so? I did not pay attention to it. Maybe the person who is in charge of it must have not placed them in their correct positions.

Customer: Well, that is not any of the customers’ concerns. If the products are not placed properly on the shelves, how will a customer pick them up and will plan to purchase them? Don’t you think it will make a customer’s job difficult?

Shopkeeper: We are really sorry for the inconvenience sir.

Customer: Please be aware of this problem.

Shopkeeper: Yes, sir. Would you like to have a carry bag?

Customer: Yes.

Shopkeeper: That will cost you Rs.10.

Customer: No problem. I will purchase it.

Shopkeeper: Thank you for shopping with us. Please do visit again.

Customer: Sure.


  • Importance of punctuation marks – Punctuation marks plays a very important role in every sentence, every passage, in every language. We understand more about a sentence because of punctuation. Punctuation tells whether it is a question, an exclamation, whether there is a pause/break, a full stop, more information, etc. Because of punctuation, the reader knows where to stop in a sentence, and how to change the tone of speaking with someone (for questions, exclamations, hyphens, etc).

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