Conversation between teacher and student about homework

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conversation between teacher and student

Conversation between teacher and student about homework

Overview: In this post, let us take a look at a conversation between teacher and student. Students with different learning capabilities are assigned different homework in tuition classes. At times it happens that the naughtiest kids get more homework whereas the studious kids get accurate homework. The below-given conversation is an example of a tuition teacher giving more homework to a naughty kid.

Conversation between teacher and student

Kevin: Teacher, Good morning.

Teacher: Good morning, Kevin.

Teacher: Kevin, come to me. I have to give you homework for the vacation.

Kevin: Yes teacher, I am coming.

Teacher: Come fast.

Kevin: Yes ma’am, here is my notebook.

Teacher: Okay I am telling you what to do with your homework during this vacation.

Kevin: Okay ma’am.

Teacher: You have made a lot of mischief throughout the year and it has affected your grades. I have spoken with your mom about it.

Kevin: What? You already spoke to my mom? Did you complain about me?

Teacher: No I did not. Now listen to me.

Kevin: Yes ma’am, I am all ears.

Teacher: Now that you are going to get promoted to the next grade, it is important that you know tables.

Kevin: Oh God, I don’t want to learn tables.

Teacher: I am not asking you to learn it, I am telling you to learn it. Once you come back over here after your vacation, I will be asking you for tables and I want you to memorize tables up to 13.

Kevin: But how will I enjoy my vacation if you are asking me to learn tables?

Teacher: You enjoy as much as you want but also give at least half an hour a day to learn tables. You can learn one table a day! Anu Script Manager

Kevin: Yes, one table a day works for me.

Teacher: And also I want you to learn how to talk to people and how to have conversations with people.

Kevin: Okay ma’am I understood.

Teacher: Good, now you may go home.

Kevin: Alright ma’am. See you soon!

Teacher: See you soon Kevin.


I am all ears‘ refers to listening carefully.

Capability‘ refers to ability or potential.

Accurate’ means correct.

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