Conversation between teacher and student about homework

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conversation between teacher and student

Conversation between teacher and student about homework

Overview: Here is a simple conversation between teacher and student in English in which the student has not completed his homework. The student has also been receiving low grades for a while. Let us see how the simple conversation between student and teacher in English goes!

Conversation between teacher and student

Teacher: Daniel, did you complete your homework?

Daniel: I am sorry sir. I had a severe stomach ache. Hence, I could not complete my homework.

Teacher: Are you telling the truth to me?

Daniel: I am not lying, sir. I was really suffering from a severe stomach ache.

Teacher: Okay. That’s acceptable.

Daniel: Also, sir, I tried to complete the rest of the sums but I couldn’t finish one sum.

Teacher: Why? I mean what problem were you facing?

Daniel: Sir, actually I did not understand that sum. This is why I couldn’t complete that.

Teacher: Alright. This is one sum that the majority of the students are facing a problem. I will teach this sum again in the class and I want you to pay attention to it.

Daniel: Yes sir.

Teacher: Also I wanted to remind you to study harder. You remember that your marks weren’t up to the mark in the previous semester. You know how poor your marks were the last time. You should be very attentive and careful about your marks and study harder!

Daniel Yes sir, I am aware of that. I will work hard this time, I promise.

Teacher: You say the same thing every time.

Daniel: I am sorry sir. I will not let you or my parents down this time with low grades. I promise that I will study hard and will fetch good marks from now on!

Teacher: Perfect! That’s the spirit!

Student: Thank you, sir.

Teacher: Now I will teach that sum and I want you to pay your attention. This is a very important sum and it will fetch you eight marks if you do it the right way. Alright?

Daniel: Alright. I will complete the homework, sir and I will pay attention to what you are teaching. Please don’t call my parents.

Teacher: Alright, I am letting you go, for now, you go to your desk ASAP and pay attention to what I am teaching. If you study well, it will be beneficial for you only! Right?

Daniel: Yes, sir. I will pay full attention.

Teacher: That’s like an improvement you’ve shown!

Daniel: Thank you, sir!


ASAP’ – This abbreviation stands for ‘As Soon As Possible’

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