Conversation between two friends about daily activities

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conversation between two friends about daily activities

Conversation between two friends about daily activities

Overview: In this post, let us take a look at a conversation between two friends about daily activities. With the offline activities that have just started post-Covid-19, many students and teenagers are still in the comfort zone of their homes and have gotten lazy.

This conversation between two friends about daily activities is an example of two friends who realize that they have gotten lazy with online lectures and lounging around daily, this is why they want to build a routine and come out of their comfort zones. Let us see how the conversation goes on!

Conversation between two friends about daily activities

Friend 1 (Akshay): Hey, did you watch Ms. Marvel that has been released recently?

Friend 2 (Hritik): Yeah absolutely. What do you think about Ms. Marvel? Did you like the series?

Akshay: Yeah, you can say that. But I had much more expectations from it! 

Hritik: Yes, I do think the same too. It was quite decent and Marvel fans had a lot of expectations too!

Akshay: Exactly. Did you watch any other series?

Hritik: I don’t think there are any other new series to be watched. I have watched all of the freshly released ones.

Akshay: Yes, me too. What are you doing apart from watching series all day?

Hritik: Nope, I am not doing anything else. My college lectures have got offline but I am not paying much attention to them. Online was better!

Akshay: I agree online was better and much more comforting but things are getting back to normal and we have to get back on track again. 

Hritik: What do you mean by getting on track?

Akshay: I mean that we have been lounging all day for the past few months, and have been wasting time watching series and movies, wandering around all day. We haven’t done anything productive.

Hritik: I didn’t realize it until you told me just now! I need to get back on track too. Until when will I keep wasting time like this!

Akshay: Hey, I’ve got an idea! 

Hritik: We can plan a routine that will help us to get back on track. What do you think?

Akshay: Yeah absolutely! I had planned it earlier, but I easily get bored if I am getting on a routine all alone. I need to have a company. Now that you have said it, let’s do it together!

Hritik: Sure. We could get up at 6 in the morning and go for a jog, or we could get a gym membership! 

Akshay: Let’s start by going for a jog and then we can upgrade ourselves by getting a gym membership!

Hritik: First let’s start with long walks and then we can go for jogs!

Akshay: Yep. That would do! Then once we come back home, we can have breakfast and take some time for ourselves and then you can even go and attend your lectures, and I can do that too!

Hritik: Yes, waking up early will make us feel more good and ready for the day. 

Akshay: That is exactly what I want to say and we can be more productive throughout the day. We can finish our lectures on time and then we can relax in the evening.

Hritik: So, it would be such that we are busy and tired throughout the day. We will have time for ourselves in the evening so that we can do anything we want, relax or watch TV or series or go out!

Akshay: True! How did you like the idea?

Hritik: It’s brilliant and it is going to help it. I like it.

Akshay: Yes and we have to be consistent with this. But, let’s keep Sundays as Sundays and not do anything on Sundays. We can relax on Sundays. What do you say?

Hritik: I was about to say that!

Akshay: Hahahaha…Alright then, let’s start from tomorrow?

Hritik: Yes. I’ll meet you here at 7 in the morning.

Akshay: Cool! See you tomorrow!


‘Post Covid-19’ – Post Covid-19 means after Covid-19.

‘Hahahaha’ – ‘Hahahaha is an expression that is used for effect.

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