Conversation between two friends meeting after long time

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conversation between two friends

Conversation between two friends meeting after long time

Overview: In this conversation between two friends, let us see how two friends talk when they meet each other at a common railway platform. This post will guide you on how to greet and talk to a person whom you are meeting after a long time. Let us look at this dialogue written in English between two friends!

Conversation between two friends meeting after a long time

Friend 1 (Kevin): Hey Jade, how are you?

Friend 2 (Jade): Oh my God, Kevin! I am good, how are you?

Kevin: I am amazing.

Jade: Great, take the seat, this seat is empty.

Kevin: Long time, no see?

Jade: Yeah, been busy with college. What about you?

Kevin: Same! I have been busy with college too! What are you doing now?

Jade: I just finished my graduation. What are you doing?

Kevin: I am doing Homeopathy at a nearby college.

Jade: That’s nice! How come you are on this train today?

Kevin: My college is here so I travel every day by this train. How come you are here today?

Jade: We had our convocation today, so everyone had to come and collect their degree!

Kevin: Oh congratulations!

Jade: Thank you. I have been traveling by this train throughout my graduation years and it is one of the best trains.

Kevin: Yeah I know, it is always empty and we always get a seat for ourselves!

Jade: This is the exact reason why I used to board this train all the time.

Kevin: After being tired for the whole day, it is a relief to board an empty train!

Jade: I know that feeling! Hey, what about your Homeopathy? When is your course coming to an end?

Kevin: Oh it is going to take another year. I also have to intern compulsorily and only then I and other students will get a degree!

Jade: One more year to go!

Kevin: Yeah, I hope it goes well!

Jade: Don’t worry! It will go well.

Kevin: I think the train has reached! It was good meeting you after a long time!

Jade: Yeah, it was nice to see you too. Anyway, we will meet soon. Till then, all the best and take care! Bye.

Jade: Yeah, I’ll see you soon! You take care too! Bye.


‘Long time, no see’ – This is an expression that is used when a person meets someone after a very long time.

‘Tend’ – The word ‘tend’ means to be inclined with something.

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