Dialogue between two friends about holiday

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dialogue between two friends about holiday

Dialogue between two friends about holiday

Overview: Here is a dialogue between two friends about holiday. In this post, let us take a look at a short conversation between two friends who are planning a weekend trip. Let us see how the conversation goes!

Friend 1 (Dia): Hey Avinash, now that we have a few days off this weekend and on Monday, why don’t we plan a short trip?

Friend 2 (Avinash): Yeah I was thinking about the same. We both need time to relax too. I am a bit too tired from working constantly. I need a break!

Dia: Yeah me too. This is why I am asking to go on a short trip together. What do you say?

Avinash: Yeah. Let’s plan!

Dia: I already have a place in mind.

Avinash: And what is that?

Dia: Let’s go to Lonavala! You even have a car and we can go by car and enjoy the monsoon season! It will be soothing and chilled!

Avinash: Okay madam! Wherever you want to go!

Dia: Just imagine! We will be in your car going by the road and a wasp of fresh and cold mountain air touching our faces!

Avinash: Okay now I am excited to go! We can also go and eat Maganlal Chikki – one of the famous chikki! And we can have butter chicken, chhole bhature and what not!

Dia: Oh I am hungry now!

Avinash: hahaha…What about hotel booking?

Dia: Let me check. You check too!

Avinash: Okay I’ll check it out too!

Dia: Hey I found a hotel that’s fitting in our budget and they have an indoor pool too! It will be fun!

Avinash: Amazing! Book it!

Dia: Done! I am so excited!

Avinash: Me too. Now, don’t you want to pack your bags for the trip?

Dia: Yes yes I want to pack. Are you not going to pack?

Avinash: No!

Dia: Why?

Avinash: Because you will be packing my stuff ASAP.

Dia: Why will I pack your stuff?

Avinash: Do you want to go by car or not?

Dia: Yeah I want to go! But I am not packing your bag too!

Avinash: Okay then, let’s spend the weekend at home!

Dia: Oh you are such a terrible friend. I will pack your stuff.

Avinash: hahaha…thank you!


ASAP’ – The term ‘ASAP’ stands for ‘As Soon As Possible’

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