Conversation between two friends about summer vacation

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conversation between two friends about summer vacation

Conversation between two friends about summer vacation

Overview: In this post, let us look at a conversation between two friends about summer vacation. Over here, both of them have just finished their graduation exams and want some time to relax and get back from the stress of examinations and studying constantly. This is the reason why they are planning a summer vacation, more like summer days to get back from the stress and take some time to relax. Let us see how the conversation between two friends about summer vacation goes on.

 Conversation between two friends about summer vacation

Friend 1 (Akshay): Hey, How were your exams? I hope you have passed at least! Hahaha

Friend 2 (Aditya): Hey what are you speaking about. I have passed my exams. It was just that we had different centers, otherwise, we could have fetched much better marks than expected.

Akshay: That is true but we cannot do anything else right now. The exams are just over and we need some time to relax so that the pressure of studies and exams gets low and we become much more prepared for what is coming next.

Aditya:  I don’t know what I could have done if we didn’t study together and have revised together.

Akshay: I think you must have done very well in your exams. My exams have gone fine too.

Aditya: Hey, do you remember when we used to finish our exams and it was the last day of exams and then all the students used to get so excited about summer vacations and summer holidays?

Akshay: Of course, I remember, what you are talking about! The students and we were so excited that we used to throw the school bags in the corner and begin to watch TV for the whole day.

Aditya: And do you remember how we used to play throughout the day with our friends from the building and then just go out for half an hour during lunchtime and then come back again and play till the late evening.

Akshay: Yes of course I remember those days. These thoughts are very memorable days of the summer season and have been a very important part of everyone’s childhood and I think we must relive them.

Aditya: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Akshay: We need a summer vacation,  more like summer days!

Aditya:  I was about to say that and it would be more relaxing if all of us could go somewhere out to spend a day or two, and just relive those moments once again.

Akshay: What do you think about booking a big resort that would have amenities like turf, so that all of us could play cricket throughout the next day then get tired and then get back home.

Aditya: It would be great if we are planning that. Everyone is busy nowadays with study and work and hardly anyone gets time to meet and speak with each other.

Akshay:  I think these two days will be great for all of us to get to know each other much better after such a long time since childhood. It would be nostalgic and exciting too.

Aditya: So what do you think when shall we speak with all of our friends and tell them about this?

Akshay:  I think Sunday will be the best day to let them know about the plan as it is the only day when all of them have holidays and they spend their day in their home. I think that all of them will agree too.

Aditya: I am really excited to get back once again and relive those childhood memories even if it is just for a day.

Akshay: Yes I am excited too. Let’s talk to them on Sunday. 


‘Fetched’ – Fetched means ‘to get’.

‘Amenities’ – Amenities means facilities of someplace.
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