Conversation between waiter and customer about food satisfaction

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conversation between waiter and customer

Conversation between waiter and customer about food satisfaction

Overview: In this post, let us take a look at a conversation between a waiter and a customer about food satisfaction. When we are at restaurants, we look for food that satisfies us, and we don’t want to get a bad experience while going to a restaurant and having a dish that was not up to the mark. The below-given waiter and customer conversation revolve around the same idea!

Conversation between waiter and customer about food satisfaction

Customer: Waiter, would you please come here?

Waiter: Sure ma’am. Would you like to order anything else, ma’am?

Customer: No Thanks, I am already full. Can you please bring the bill?

Waiter: Sure, Did you like the food here ma’am?

Customer: Yes, in fact, I loved the food. I haven’t had such great Mughlai cuisine in ages!

Waiter: Thank you for the compliment, ma’am. It’s good to know you liked our food!

Customer: The gravy was rich in flavor and aromatic. It was delicious with mild spices just as I like it and the meat was juicy and tender.

Waiter: Thank You, Ma’am. This restaurant was established specially for Mughlai cuisine and serving here for the last 20 years. The chefs have their forte in Mughlai cuisine.

Customer: Well that is amazing to hear. Now, this restaurant will be on my list for Mughlai dishes. I will definitely recommend this restaurant to my near and dear ones.

Waiter: Sure ma’am, would you like anything for dessert?

Customer: Yes sure, Can you recommend to me your best one?

Waiter: Yes, Let me bring you our chef’s specialty and that too on the restaurant’s behalf.!

Customer: Oh great, Thanks for the gesture.


In Ages: is an idiom that means something is particularly memorable.

Forte: means a thing at which someone excels.’

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