Conversation on Diwali Celebration in an eco-friendly way

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conversation on Diwali celebration in an eco-friendly way

Conversation on Diwali Celebration in an eco-friendly way

Overview: In this post, let us look at a conversation on Diwali celebration in an eco-friendly way. We know that Diwali is a festival of light and it is not just a festival that is celebrated in particular states of India. We haven’t heard of ‘Diwali celebration in Bangalore’, or ‘Diwali celebration in Mumbai’, etc. because Diwali is a festival that is celebrated throughout the country and within all the religions of India. After Ganesh Chaturthi and Navratri, Diwali is one of the biggest celebrated festivals in India.

This Diwali celebration conversation will answer your questions like how to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali or how to celebrate green Diwali, how to celebrate Diwali with your family, how to celebrate Diwali without pollution, how to celebrate Diwali without crackers, and most importantly, how to enjoy this big festival!

Conversation on Diwali celebration in an eco-friendly way

Son: Hey mom, what is the pre-Diwali celebration this year?

Mom: Pre-Diwali celebration? We are going to go shopping for Diwali, then we are going to decorate the house, and make some sweets. Oh, I just forgot.

Son: What, mom?

Mom: I need to tell your Dad to get celebrity Diwali outfits this year. Are you excited?

Son: Oh wow! Yes, mom. I am very excited!

Mom: So, are you going to burst crackers this Diwali?

Son: No, mom. Our class teacher has told us to celebrate Green Diwali and celebrate Diwali without pollution. It will not cause trouble for the environment.

Mom: Is it? Then how to celebrate Green Diwali? And, how to celebrate Diwali without pollution?

Son: Firstly, we will not bring or burst any crackers. The teacher said that it pollutes the environment and causes disturbance to children, the elderly and the animals too! they get scared.

Mom: That is true, darling. Okay, then we will not bring crackers this time or anytime from now on.

Son: Yes, and we can also light up earthen lamps this time instead of the artificial ones. They are not so good!

Mom: You mean Diyas. Okay, we are going to do that anyway. Okay, tell me, are you happy to celebrate Diwali with your family, darling? I mean I hope you like our new house. It’s yours only!

Son: I am very happy to celebrate Diwali with family this time, mom!

Mom: Oh, I love you, honey!

Son: I love you too, Mom. But, where are my Diwali celebration chocolates? You told me I will be getting them today.

Mom: Uh huh. Did I say that? I don’t remember when?

Son: Mom, no cheating. I will complain to Dad.

Mom: Oh, is it? Is my son threatening me?

Son: Yes, mom I know you are on diet. And we are making delicious sweets this Diwali. I will hide all of them and I know your cheat days.

Mom: Oh my God. You’ve gone too far!

Son: hahaha…so you will give me the chocolates.

Mom: Of course baby. It’s all for you. By the way, what gift do you want this Diwali?

Son: A gift? Really mom?

Mom: Yeah, a gift. I have something in mind but do you want something specific?

Son: No, mom. I haven’t thought of anything specific.

Mom: Hmmm… I see. Okay, then, you will have to wait until Diwali to get your gift. You will be surprised.

Son: How big is the gift, mom?

Mom: I don’t know. Can’t say. It’s a gift!

Son: Oh, mom. Don’t do this. Please tell me. Please?

Mom: No, I am not falling for your trap.

Son: Okay, then can I have some laddoo?

Mom: Yes, you can. Go get them from the kitchen.

Son: Okay, mom. Thank you so much!


‘Green Diwali’ – ‘Green Diwali’ is another term for eco-friendly Diwali.

‘Laddoo’ – It is an Indian sweet dish.

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