A conversation with boss in English about creating a fun-zone in the office

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conversation with boss in English

A conversation with boss in English about creating a fun-zone in the office

Overview: Every office and every organization has a conversation with boss in English and almost every employee has to go through that! Isn’t it? Let us look at a boss and employee conversation in English about creating a fun zone in the office.

Here is an interesting conversation with boss in English!

Employee: Hello, sir! May I come in?

Boss: Yes, please come in.

Employee: Thank you, sir.

Boss: Yes, do tell me. Is there any problem?

Employee: No, no. There isn’t any problem as such, but, I have an idea in my mind so I thought of sharing it with you if you don’t mind.

Boss: Of course, I don’t mind. Please go on.

Employee: The thing is that all the employees in this company are giving their best throughout the working hours. And with this, being constantly in front of the laptop and working continuously, we could give them a short break whenever they like it.

Boss: I don’t understand.

Employee: Why don’t we create a fun zone in the office space wherein the employees, who would like to take a short break from their work for a while, can come to this fun-zone area and spend some times which would help them in relaxing and staying fresh. After which, they can return to their work and continue along! Apart from this, I also had an idea where we could have a room if someone is too tired and can take a short nap in that room, and later, they can continue with their work.

Boss: What made you think of this?

Employee: I was thinking that the employees are giving their best for more than 10 hours in the office in this working environment, and it is natural for them to get frustrated and tired. So, during this time, if they could go and take a breath of freshness or can indulge in some fun activities; it will be good for them and simultaneously for the company too. Obviously, they will get tired from constant work, but they will have the option to relax if such type of provision is done for them.

Boss: I must say, this is a brilliant idea! Thank you for sharing this. I’ll make sure that this plan goes ahead! Brilliant job!

Employee: Thank you so much, sir!


  • The word ‘indulge’ means to engage, to get involved or to participate.
  • ‘Taking a breath of freshness’ means to relax for a while working continuously for hours.

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