Dialogue conversation between boss and employee about salary

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Dialogue conversation between boss and employee about salary

Everyone will have a dialogue conversation between boss and employee about the salary.

Vinay has been working in a company for the past 1 year and he wants to talk to his boss about a raise in the salary. Let’s see how their conversation moves ahead!

Vinay enters the cabin of his boss and…

Vinay: Good afternoon, sir! May I come in?

Boss: Yes Vinay, please come in.

Vinay: Actually, I wanted to speak to you about something, so do let me know when you are free!

Boss: Yes, Vinay please have a seat. What do you have to speak, please do tell me!


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Vinay: The thing is that I have been working for the past 1 year and I believe I have been loyal and honest to this company and my work is also going pretty good, so I was expecting my salary to be raised.

Boss: Oh okay, if this is the matter, then how much are you expecting for your salary to be raised? Do you have an amount?

Vinay: Yes sir, since the start, I have been receiving Rs.25,000 and I think it would be good if I get paid up to Rs.32,000.

Boss: I see. Well, I have been going through your work and I have found out that your work is up to the mark within a year itself and that’s commendable. You have shown improvement in a year, so I was considering making it Rs. 35,000 with a bit more responsibilities. Is that okay?

Vinay: yes, sir absolutely! That’s even better.

Boss: Perfect then. From the coming month, you will be receiving Rs. 35,000 and your responsibilities will be explained by the manager, you can have a talk with him. Alright!

Vinay: Sure sir, I’ll talk to him. Thank you so much and have a great day!
Boss: You too Vinay, and, keep it up!