An angry conversation between a boss and an employee

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angry conversation

An angry conversation between a boss and an employee

An angry conversation is very normal in an organization or even a company. The employees tend to make mistakes for which their boss gets a bit angry. It’s fine as it happens in all the organizations and companies.

Let us now look at an example of an angry conversation between a boss and an employee,

Boss: Tom, will you please come to my cabin?

Tom: Yes, sir. What is it? Is there any problem, sir?

Boss: I had asked you to make a correct balance sheet for this year, and I just had a look over it.

Tom: So, everything is correctly mentioned, right sir?

Boss: No, absolutely not! There are a lot of things that are not right and it can be very bad for our company if we are not putting out a correct balance sheet.

Tom: But sir, I had mentioned everything in the right manner.

Boss: Do you even know what you were leading us into? Do you even have the slightest idea of what could have happened if we had put this balance sheet out in public?

Tom: But, sir, what is the actual problem?

Boss: You are asking the problem? The whole sheet is a problem as the entries are wrong and amounts have been written in the wrong place.

Tom: Ohh, I’m sorry sir.

Boss: I don’t want your sorry.

Tom: Is there anything I can do to make it right?

Boss: I want this sheet to be at my desk by 4 pm today itself. No excuses and nothing if this sort will be tolerated any further.

Tom: Okay sir, the sheet will be at your desk by 4 pm today.

Boss: That’d be better.