A Conversation Between Team Leader And Team Member asking to be better in communication Skills

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Conversation Between Team Leader And Team Member

A Conversation Between Team Leader And Team Member asking to be better in communication Skills

Overview: In this conversation between the team leader and team member, the team member is showing good efforts on the work front and is excelling too, however, he has poor communication skills. Here is where the team leader comes into the picture and suggests he checks out the Talk Now App as well as the Talk Now website.

A conversation between team leader and team member about improving communication skills

Team leader: Hey Avinash, I would like you to come to my office. I would like to speak to you.

Team member: Sure sir. After you!

Team member: Yes, sir. Is there any problem?

Team leader: No no. There is no problem. In fact, I wanted to tell you that you are doing very well in the office and you are also giving us good results.

Team member: Thank you so much, sir.

Team leader: You also volunteered for a recent project and that too is doing amazing!

Team member: Thank you, sir.

Team leader: There is just one problem. I mean not a problem as such, but the scope for improvement for you.

Team member: Yes sir. I’m all ears.

Team leader: Please don’t take this in a negative way but I would like you to improve your communication skills. It is not bad at all but you can still improve and make your English stronger.

Team member: Yes, I know about that but I cannot get admitted into classes or opt for an English-speaking course as my office hours will clash with it.

Team leader: Why do you need classes or offline courses when you can learn and practice online on the ‘Talk Now App’!

Team member: Talk Now App? I haven’t heard of this. It sounds good but what is this about?

Team leader: It’s a language practice app and there is a Talk Now website too!

Team member: Okay, how will it help me to improve my English?

Team leader: First of all, this is totally online. When you reach home after work then you can spend some time on it practice English Speaking whenever you get time.

Team member: That’s a relief!

Team leader: Yeah I know! I have used it and hence, I am recommending you to use this app.

Team member: What does Talk Now offer?

Team leader: With Talk Now, you can find speaking partners online, have conversations with learners like you and practice daily with people from different cultures, and different professional backgrounds which will help you to improve your English language fluency.

Team member: Seems interesting, but what about my hesitation to speak in English?

Team leader: Just open the app and start speaking without any fear and after some time your hesitation will go away too.

Team member: Okay, so how do I download this app?

Team leader: It’s easy as a pie! You first have to Download the TalkNow App and log in with your Google account. And then you can start searching for speaking partners who are online.

Team member: But…

Team leader: But what?

Team member: Suppose I am talking with someone through this app and as you know my spoken English is not so good, what if the opposite person laugh at me?

Team leader: Don’t worry about it, since everyone is learning on this app so no one is going to judge you.

Team member: Oh, is it?

Team leader: Absolutely. Also, the Talk Now website offers you loads of blogs and a knowledge base to strengthen your Enlgish Grammar too.

Team member: I am impressed with this app!

Team leader: Talk Now has surely helped me to speak English confidently and it can do wonders for you!

Team member: Sir, not just me but every English learner who is struggling to speak English when they face problems like hesitation, stage fear, and falling short of words.

Team leader: Exactly. It is a gem! You should try it!

Team member: Of course and without any doubt. I will start using Talk Now from today itself!


Easy a pie‘ is a saying that means or refers to ‘very easy’.

Is a gem‘ means being ‘very good’ and is mostly used for a dramatic effect.