Dialogue between mother and son about vacation

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dilogue between mother and son

Dialogue between mother and son about vacation

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Overview: Let us look at a conversation named ‘dialogue between mother and son about vacation’. The school exams have just come to an end and the vacations are going to start. The parents have planned a surprise vacation trip for their son and will tell him once he returns home after giving the last exam paper.

Dialogue between mother and son about vacation

Son: Mom, I am home.

Mom: How was your last exam?

Son: It was very good. Now exams have come to an end. I will finally enjoy these two months of vacation now!

Mom: You look very excited!

Son: Yes Mom I am. For the next two months, I will play with my friends every day without any worries!

Mom: Yeah I know! But before you go to play, your Dad and I have some exciting news for you! Do you want to take a guess?

Son: Umm, Have you bought a gift for me?

Mom: No.

Son: Then, have you cooked my favorite meal for dinner?

Mom: No, it is something much better than that!

Son: Oh, Mom. I am unable to guess. You tell me.

Mom: Alright alright! You, me and your Dad are going on a short trip for 2 days to Chandigarh! Excited?

Son: Oh wow! This is amazing! We can eat lots of delicacies there and can buy lots of clothes and toys, right?

Mom: That’s right!

Son: And what else we will be doing there?

Mom: There is a one-day carnival also and we will go to see that!

Son: A carnival too?

Mom: Yes, a carnival too!

Son: Oh then I will have to do lots of packing. I will have to put in my colorful shoes, my fancy hat and lots of clothes!

Mom: Alright so are you excited to go?

Son: Yes Mom, I am very excited for this trip.


Oh wow: The term ‘Oh wow’ is used as an expression of joy, and enjoyment.

Take a guess: The words ‘take a guess’ can also be understood as ‘guess it’.

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