Dialogue between two friends in school canteen

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dialogue between two friends in school canteen

Dialogue between two friends in school canteen

Overview: In this dialogue between two friends in school canteen, let us take a look at two friends who are trying to plan a half-day bunk during their recess. In this dialogue, two friends meet in their school canteen and they start to make a rigorous plan of bunking their school. Bunking school and colleges are one of the fondest memories we have of our childhood and teenage days. The motive was not to bunk lectures mostly to roam with friends, but it was also to take a day off an just have the feeling of bunking. Let us see how the conversation with a fellow student in canteen goes!

Dialogue between two friends in school canteen

Friend 1: Hey, what have you bought in your tiffin?

Friend 2: I’ve bought bread and jam today. What have you bought?

Friend 1: I have bought dosa. Do you want some?

Friend 2: Yes, I will have a bit.

Friend 1: Okay, but first I have something in my mind.

Friend 2: What is it? Tell me too.

Friend 1: Do you want to bunk the second half of the day?

Friend 2: I was planning to tell you the same!

Friend 1: This is amazing. So listen, what we can do is we can finish our tiffin now as soon as we can and then we can go near the main gate and first we will have to see if anyone is there or not. Only then we will run away.

Friend 2: Let’s do one thing.

Friend 1: What is it?

Friend 2: I’ll go first to the main gate and see if there is anybody nearby the gate and then I will give you a thumbs up. After I give you this signal, you come fast towards the main gate and then we can run off together. What do you say?

Friend 1: The plan is good but we forgot one thing.

Friend 2: What did we forget?

Friend 1: There are CCTV cameras all around the school. What do we do now?

Friend 2: Do you have a cap?

Friend 1: Yes I do.

Friend 2: Perfect! Then we will put on our caps, hide our faces and run!

Friend 1: And what if the next day teacher asks us where were we in the second half? What will we answer then?

Friend 2: Don’t you remember tomorrow is a national holiday? The school will remain closed tomorrow!

Friend 1: Oh I forgot. If tomorrow the school is closed then no one will remember about us leaving in the second half today..

Friend 2: Yes, that’s right. I am done eating now. I will go to the main gate and will give you a thumbs up. Don’t forget to put on your cap.

Friend 1: Yes I won’t.

Friend 2: Okay then follow me!


Won’t: The word ‘won’t’ is a combination of the word ‘will not’.

I’ll: The word ‘I’ll’ is a combination of the word ‘I will’.

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