A short conversation between two friends about study

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conversation between two friends about study

A short conversation between two friends about study

Overview: A conversation between two friends about the study is mostly found in colleges, schools, institutions, universities and what not! But there is a specific time when it can be heard the majority of times, it is before the examinations are about to begin!

The below-given is a short conversation between two friends about study is explained.

Friend 1: Hey, have you started to study for the semester exams?

Friend 2: Yes, I have started a bit. Have you?

Friend 1: I tried to start but the syllabus is very vast and now I’m confused about where to begin.

Friend 2: That’s true. The syllabus is vast, and we also received the timetable a week before. We have very less time to prepare.

Friend 1: So how have you planned to cover the syllabus?

Friend 2: I am planning to cover the important topics first. The topics that have higher chances to be asked in the exams.

Friend 1: Alright. And anything apart from that?

Friend 2: Apart from that I will also solve past year’s question papers.

Friend 1: How is that going to help?

Friend 2: By solving a few question papers from the past years will help you to identify the questions that can be asked again in this exam. Also, solving question papers in the given time will boost our confidence so that we can give our best in the actual exam. If you have noticed, the questions from the past year’s question papers are almost repeated, which means they are important. This is why you will not have to mug up the full book.

Friend 1: That is an amazing strategy!

Friend 2: Thank you! I suggest you follow the same. It helps a lot.

Friend 1: I have a better idea.

Friend 2: What’s that?

Friend 1: I was thinking why don’t we study together and solve question papers together?

Friend 2: That will also be great. I’m in! Let’s do it!

Friend 1: Fantastic! Let’s meet tomorrow at this time and let’s get on to studying!


  • It can be seen that punctuation marks are used many times in the above conversation. Punctuation marks include question marks, exclamation marks, full stops, commas, etc.

  • Also, words like ‘what’s’ and ‘that’s’ are used in the conversation. The word ‘what’s’ is a combination of ‘what is and the word ‘that’s’ is a combination of ‘that is’. Similarly, the word ‘it’s’ is a combination of the word ‘it is.

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