English language: A conversation about its importance

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English conversation

English language: A conversation about its importance

Overview: In this conversation, let us understand the importance of the English language and why it is so much in use for a long time.

By the way, did you know that English is the most spoken language all around the globe?

With this given fact, let us take a look at this conversation so as to know the importance of the English language.

Person 1: Hey listen, do you why it is mandatory in our college to speak only in the English language?

Person 2: No, I don’t have any idea as to why it is so important to speak only in the English language.

Person 1: The other day, I was speaking to our classmate and he told me this mind-blowing fact that English is the most spoken language in the world and millions of people speak English on a daily basis.

Person 2: Ohh my God! I didn’t know this.

Person 1: Yes, and he said that English is a language that is used internationally for trade, business, traveling, education, and a lot of many things.

Person 2: Ohh, so the reason why English is internationally spoken and is made mandatory in our college is to make us better and fluent in the language so that we make our future easier and open more job opportunities.

Person 1: Yeah, and if we are fluent in English and we have strong basics about the language, we can also go abroad for further education!

Person 2: Maybe this is also the reason why parents talk to their kids compulsorily in the English language only!

Person 1: Yes, that is possible. It is actually good that we speak in English only. I mean it is for our benefit!

Person 2: So, I was thinking why don’t we start speaking in the English language from today? I mean it is not going to harm us in any way, instead it is just going to benefit us. What do you say?

Person 1: Perfect. I’m in for this!

Person 2: Alright then. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Person 1: See you tomorrow too!


  • The word ‘mandatory‘ is means ‘compulsory’. ‘Mandatory’ is a more formal word that is used instead of using ‘compulsory’.
  • The word ‘fluent‘ means to speak without hesitation.

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