Formal conversation between two persons about semester exams

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formal conversation in English between two persons

Formal conversation between two persons about semester exams

Overview: In this formal conversation between two persons about semester exams, let us take a look at a conversation between two professors who are just out of the dean’s office hearing recent news. Let’s see what they have to say!

Formal conversation between two persons about semester exams

Professor 1: Did you hear what the dean said?

Professor 2: I just can’t believe my ears. She said we will have to complete the syllabus in a matter of two weeks as they have preponed the semester examinations.

Professor 1: They think it is a joke to teach a big fat book in a matter of two weeks.

Professor 2: What shall we do now?

Professor 1: We can’t do anything. It is not in our hands.

Professor 2: Do you have any idea to get this done?.

Professor 1: Umm..I think I have one.

Professor 2: What is that?

Professor 1: We have to plan extra classes and cover the remaining syllabus so that the students don’t have to go through any academic loss.

Professor 2: This sounds like a good idea!

Professor 1: So when shall we plan for these extra classes?

Professor 2: Are you free now? I mean we can plan it now if you don’t have any class to teach.

Professor 1: Yeah sure, we can plan it now. I don’t have any further lectures for an hour.

Professor 2: Perfect then. Do you have any suggestions on how to conduct these extra classes or do you have any plans to conduct these classes?

Professor 1: Yes, how about we conduct these extra classes after an hour when the students have completed all their lectures?

Professor 2: I think that will become hectic for the students. They will be tired.

Professor 1: Yeah that’s understandable too. Do you have any other ideas?

Professor 2: Yes, how about we conduct extra classes on Saturdays until the remaining portion is over?

Professor 1: Absolutely, we can do that and the students won’t be tired too!

Professor 2: We can teach them just for half-day, from 7 am to 11 am so that they can enjoy the rest of their weekend.

Professor 1: Yes, I was about to say that.

Professor 2: Alright then, we will let the class know about these extra lectures tomorrow.

Professor 1: Yes, sounds good. I’ll see you then!

Professor 2: See you too.


Portion: A synonym for the word ‘syllabus‘ is ‘portion’ if used in the context of academics.

Academic Loss: The word ‘academic loss‘ refers to losing out on a part of a study, concept, or a topic.

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