It’s your first date! How would you communicate to make it more loving?

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first date

It’s your first date! How would you communicate to make it more loving?

The first date is always special and memorable for everyone, whether a man or a woman. Nobody can forget their first date. The excitement, interest, nervousness, and all of it adds up to your bundle of joy! With all the excitement comes the essential part of your first date.

It is about how shall you communicate. English communication decides what kind of impression would you have on your partner. And all of us want to have the best impression on our first day as it is said popularly that the first impression is the last impression. You would not want to miss the chance of having the best impression on your partner which is why you need to remember the following points: 

  • Politeness is the key to a good communication 

You do not want to rush with conversations one after the other, especially on your first date. It is better if things go at their own pace. You do not want to sound rude and create a bad image of yourself in front of your partner which is why you need to be polite when you speak and give equal chance for your partner to speak.

  • Don’t interrupt the conversation

Nobody likes to be interrupted when they are speaking and if you do so, it would make your partner think that you are not a good listener and you always want someone to hear you. Remember that everyone loves to be listened to and interrupting in between would only worsen your date. Try to listen to your partner and then you may put forth with what you have to say.

  • Try not to be very personal on your first date

It is always better to not dig into your partner’s life on your very first date. Yes, you can talk about things like profession and hobbies but getting deeper into the past of your partners’ life is not a good idea on the first date.

  • What should you talk about?

If you feel you are falling short of conversations, you can talk about your hobbies and what kind of work you would like to do apart from your profession. Try to know if your partner is an introvert or an extrovert. First, try to know each other very well and then you may go further! Try to compliment your partner when you meet him/her!

  • Dress wisely!

You want to make your partner feel that the date is special which is why you need to dress in a way that makes you feel special and try not to dress in your regular clothing. Remember that you are not going with just anyone, but you are going with someone that you love. 

Let us understand through the given example how to have a conversation on a first date!

It’s Sam’s first date today with Elena and he is quite nervous to give out the best impression he can, which is why he is well prepared for his date to make a good image of himself!

Sam: Hey Elena, look amazing!

Elana: Thanks for the compliment! You are looking great too! How was your day?

Sam: It was great! I was eagerly waiting for this evening!

Elena: Yeah, me too! How did you get here?.. I mean, was there any traffic?

Sam: Not much but I managed to reach on time, it was fine.

Elena: You said on the chat that you work as a content creator. I hope you love your job!

Sam: Absolutely. Every day is exciting and it’s good to be a content creator. You work as a fashion designer, so how is it? How is your life being a fashion designer/

Elena: It’s great, it’s not at all like they show in the movies! A lot of thrill, a lot of glamour, and a spark is what my life is filled with!

Sam: Yeah, I’m seeing that glamour and spark. You are looking great!

Elena: Thank you, Sam, that’s sweet of you! Shall we order something?

Sam: Of course, what would you like to eat?

(Both of them willingly decide what to order and meanwhile…)

Elena: Did you watch the recent movie, the Eternals?

Sam: Who didn’t? I loved the movie. It was amazing. I would like to take you to the seashore nearby after we are done eating! I would like to show you something there!

Elena: What is it? Is it a surprise? Let me tell you that I like surprises!

Sam: Umm…it is kind of a surprise. 

(After some time, they finish their dinner and go-ahead to the seashore..and Sam takes her there to a blanket of the moon and stars above her, and the music of the waves near her, thus making their date perfect and beautiful!)

This was a short conversation even you could have on your first date to make it much pretty and perfect!