English Literature and all you need to know about it

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English literature and all you need to know about it

English Literature and all you need to know about it

Brief introduction of the English Literature

English literature is a study of certain specific texts that is written in the English language itself. English literature can be studied throughout the globe. Usually we refer to the word ‘literature’ as a combination of various types of texts that include novels, poetries, plays, drama, etc.

Generally, we define ‘literature’ as a piece of writing that is done by someone with artistic traits in writing. There are other types of writings such as screenplays, song lyrics, blogs, etc. that can now be considered under the umbrella of contemporary understanding of the literature.

Difference between studying literature in English and reading

Reading can be considered as a hobby, passion or even for leisure purposes i.e reading just to pass time. A person reads a story, a piece of writing, an article, a blog and probably forgets it. There is absence of in-depth analysis of the piece and there is no understanding about the piece. It is not difficult to study English literature. If you are well-versed with the English language and also interested in learning more about it, then it is a piece of cake to dive into the whole new world of English literature! 

However, on the other hand, literature and studying literature is exactly opposite of reading for leisure purposes. When a person studies English literature, you get to know various types of texts and you get the scope to analyze the text.

By studying literature, you get an experience of how texts are written, what is the flow of it, how to create transitions, what is the tone, what is the difference between modern literature and periods (literature written in the previous era), etc. When you want to study English literature, you study it with a purpose of understanding and analyzing the texts and scripts. Moreover, you also get to choose your field of interest in literature such as drama, creative writing, etc.

Reasons to study English Literature

Studying literature in English language gives you a wider viewpoint of the story/text you read after which you can break down the story and can critically analyze the same. You break down the story, then you analyze it and then you can give your point of view.

Not just studying, but you can also choose your choice of career once you have graduated and have done a few studies of literature. If you wish, then you may get into business, law, education, publication house, editor, proofreader, etc. Many writers, authors, poets and novelists dig deeper into the written English, then they grasp as much as they can and lastly they begin writing their best pieces!

English literature is not just a study of texts and stories, but it also helps you in becoming proficient and fluent in the English language. By studying literature, you also start analyzing things around you and you also give your own viewpoints.

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