Fiction and Non-Fiction: What do they mean?

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fiction and non-fiction

Fiction and Non-Fiction: What do they mean?

At times, it is hard to tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction. Usually, fiction talks about the plot, characters, and settings that are created all with the help of the writers’ imagination. On the other hand, non-fiction is actual stories that are real and it is focused on real people, real events, and facts too. Because there is a thin line between fiction and non-fiction, both of them have different meanings.

What is fiction and non-fiction?


  • Is an imaginary wriitng
  • Based on facts, real events, real people.
  • Fiction is subjective.
  • There can be various/several points of view.
  • It is deeper in the interior.


  • Non-fiction is totally based on facts.
  • It loses its clarity if it is tampered with false thoughts.
  • Non-fiction is objective.
  • It has an authorial point of view.
  • It is focused on the exterior.


Remember that even though fiction and non-fiction are different in their own ways, they can be used in forms of entertainment like film, television, plays, etc.

If explained in a single sentence, know that fiction is totally fabricated and is totally based on imagination. Some examples of fiction are short story, novels, fairy tales, etc.

On the other hand, non-fiction is totally based on reality and facts as it talks about true events. Some examples of non-fiction are biographies, journals, etc.